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Pedro Sánchez will receive Lula da Silva in Moncloa this Friday

Pedro Sánchez will receive former Brazilian President Lula da Silva in Moncloa this Friday. The meeting takes place within the framework of a tour of Europe that the leader of the Workers’ Party has begun once, having recovered his political rights after spending more than a year in prison, he begins to see how the legal cases against him are being shelved and the polls give him options to beat far-right Jair Bolsonaro in next year’s elections.

Lula da Silva, from jailed to top favorite to return to power

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Da Silva was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2017 for alleged corruption and was imprisoned, which prevented him from standing the year after the elections in which Bolsonaro prevailed, who made Sérgio Moro, the judge who appointed him, Minister of Justice. had led to prison. Once released after spending more than a year in jail, the sentences against him were overturned by the Supreme Court.

The former Brazilian president is a symbol for the world left. Sánchez was with him on a short tour of Latin America that he carried out as leader of the PSOE in opposition in 2015 and highlighted his “good politics.” “He opted to build a strong middle class in Brazil, with inclusive progress and a fair economy,” he said. “All the presence of the government of Spain in Brazil is little, we need more presence and more proximity,” said then the current president, who sees in the possible victory of Da Silva an opportunity to improve relations between the two countries and takes the glove of that visit receiving him as President of the Government, as confirmed by sources from Moncloa to elDiario.es.

Da Silva was one of the most applauded international leaders at the closing of the 40th Congress that the PSOE held in mid-October, when he referred to his “sister party” as the one that “has contributed the most to the construction of an extraordinary and democratic Spain. current”. “By spreading hatred and spreading lies on social media, reactionary leaders threaten democracy on a daily basis, try at all costs to criminalize politics, destroy workers’ rights, attack the environment and make inequality grow,” said the former Brazilian president in that message. to the socialists.

The social democratic opportunity

Both Sánchez and Da Silva see an opportunity in the victories of the social democratic parties. The Spanish president frequently refers to the new Joe Biden Administration about Donald Trump and Bolsonaro is one of the enemies to beat for his far-right policy in recent years. He has been accused of crimes against humanity by the commission that has investigated the management of the pandemic, of which he has been a denier, and accumulates causes for the destruction of the Amazon.

“Fortunately, in recent months, in several countries of Europe and in other regions of the world, progressive parties have obtained important victories. I am convinced that Brazil will emerge stronger in the Brazilian elections of 2022 to surprise the world with our policies of inclusion. We need more than ever to protect democracy from fascism. We prove that another world is possible because we were able to build it, “said the former Brazilian president in his message to the PSOE, which was also sent by the progressive prime ministers of Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, and the winner of the German elections, Olaf Scholz.

This same Monday, Sánchez participated in the 30th anniversary of the Latin American summits and in his speech, like Da Silva, emphasized the need to end inequality, which is why he called on all countries to “work together for a Latin America fair and sustainable “.

Da Silva will end a tour of Europe with Sánchez on Friday. The planned agenda will take you to Germany to see you are the leader of the SPD, Martin Schulz; to Brussels, where he was received by the high representative for the EU, Josep Borrell, and, among other meetings with left-wing leaders in the European Parliament, he held a debate with former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and with the leader of the social democratic group, Iratxe García.

In France, he will give a conference on Brazil at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, from which he received an honorary doctorate and will receive the “Political Courage 2021” award from the magazine Politique Internationale. The agenda in Spain includes a conference on multilateral cooperation and post-covid recovery in which the participation of former Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares and former President Zapatero, among others, is expected.


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