Thursday, July 7

Pedro Sánchez’s bazooka

Maybe it’s a matter of spin doctorsPedro Sánchez has ended his triumphant ride, for the moment, bazooka on his shoulder, with a meeting with Mario Draghi, a true metaphor, with the owner of the ECB’s bazooka, to whom the southern economies of the EU owe so much.

Simultaneously, amid applause, he announced the exterior lifting of the masks. Before, a kind letter by Oriol Junqueras, from the Catalan bishops to Antonio Garamendi, the Catalan businessmen, some converted barons, made public their support for the pardons. The president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, paid a visit to ward off doubts and tricks of the right, giving an outstanding to the Spanish plan so that the rain of millions floods the depleted national economies. As if that was not enough, Mrs. Botín, a kind of minister without a portfolio, proclaimed the beginning of years of economic honey and roses.

So that nothing was missing, the new leader of the Spanish far right, based in Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, clumsy putting the head of state in the political contest asking him to breach his constitutional role, without repentance and with stubbornness. Pablo Casado, cornered by him madrilenismo and hanging by the brush, he failed with the collection of anti-Catalan signatures, after a far-right Columbus, and remained isolated in his European strategy of harassment of the Government that, in addition, had received the explicit support of the EU and its leaders in the conflict with Morocco, leaving the PP with their dangerous friends from the neighboring authoritarian country to the south.

So that there would be no loophole in Sánchez’s week, the White House gave him a little hand after the walk with Biden, in addition to lifting the tariffs that hit Spanish exports to the United States.

In key of organic power and media morbid, Susana Díaz descended to preferred regional, for the moment; Sanchez was faced with the south wind of Juan Espadas, a moderate leader but with his own loyal personality, with the possibility of defeating the right wing in power in Andalusia.

Everything had started well days before with the best employment data, and all with a communist minister, recognized and effective vice president capable of understanding with businessmen and unions, conjuring the bad omens of worse relations in the progressive coalition government. The leadership of Yolanda Díaz – the one best valued by the CIS – brings solidity, seriousness, stability and reputation among the working class, something lately unusual in socialist mono-color governments.

And his tatachan In the middle of the symphony, Tezanos joined the party putting the icing on the cake with a poll that conjured up the bad omens of the camera polls, published with intention in recent weeks by pushing from the capital’s media liars. The political war is also fought in the demoscopy.

They could seem like days of roses, Sánchez could believe that everything is already done, that the stellar confluence in his constellation of good news gives him two quiet years and more. Will be an error.

We continue to suffer from the inclemency of electric power in a visible pulse with legitimate and democratic power. We continue to suffer from the harshness of an unpredictable judiciary entrenched in the CGPJ, overflowing with reproaches at the time it reaches the Pyrenees. The negative report of the Council of Europe – it will lower the Spanish justice to the Turkish level – will not be the only bad news: the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights threaten to put Spanish judges on the trail for their actions in the process.

But, in addition, Sánchez has something fundamental pending in every government: to comply with the investiture and coalition commitments. The gag law, the labor reform, the equalization of the minimum wage according to the agreements in the EU, the tax reform, the housing law, intensive application of Zotal in the Ministry of the Interior and more are pending.

Your doctors would do well to appreciate that politics are not only its special effects but the responsible exercise of government obligations, loyalty to what has been agreed and the honest fulfillment of commitments. The reputation of the left is at stake in truly threatening times.