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Pedro Sánchez’s phone was spied on hours after the start of the Ceuta migration crisis

Pedro Sánchez’s phone was infected by the Pegasus program shortly after the migration crisis began at the Ceuta border in May 2021. The order of Judge José Luis Calama, of the National Court, opens proceedings and reflects for the first time the The exact date on which the phone of the President of the Government was infected, according to the reports handled by the National Cryptologic Center: for the first time on Wednesday, May 19, and for the second time on May 31, 2021. That is, shortly after The migration crisis at the Moroccan border in Ceuta began and shortly before Brahim Ghali, from the Polisario Front, left the country.

The key dates of the Pegasus case

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That first infection of Sánchez’s mobile was the one that also resulted in a greater theft of information. The first attack involved the theft of 2.6 gigabytes of information from the Prime Minister’s phone. The second involved the subtraction of 130 megabytes. In the case of Margarita Robles, it was nine megabytes.

The massive entry of people across the Ceuta border began on May 17, 2021. Those days, thousands of people entered the country irregularly in what the Government marked in retaliation from Rabat for the ‘Ghali case ‘. A few weeks earlier, the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, had arrived in Zaragoza and had been hospitalized in Logroño to be treated for a serious case of COVID-19. The second puncture, dated May 31, occurred a day before Ghali left the country from the Pamplona airport.

Judge Calama’s order reflects that the first puncture of Pedro Sánchez’s cell phone with the Pegasus espionage program was less than two days later. The second was on May 31. The content of the reports reflected in the car does not specify, however, on what day in June of that year the Defense Minister’s telephone was attacked.

revelation of secrets

This Tuesday the judge of the National Court, José Luis Calama, announced the opening of an investigation for a crime of revealing secrets, he has had the State Lawyer as a person and has asked the Prosecutor’s Office about the steps that should be put into March. It was the executive who filed a complaint yesterday for the attack on both telephone terminals, also providing the report of the National Cryptologic Center from which the magistrate extracted the data of the specific day on which the Pegasus infection occurred.

The judge understands that facts like this can constitute a crime of revealing secrets that, in addition, affects high-ranking bodies of the nation: the President of the Government and the Minister of Defense.

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