Saturday, June 10

Peloton bike “kills” another character in a series | Digital Trends Spanish

The Peloton company’s exercise machines have gained a lot of notoriety during the pandemic, especially due to the large number of people exercising from home.

However, the company suffered a blow in the most unexpected way: the death of Mr. Big in the series And Just Like That after exercising on a stationary bike of the brand.

Peloton had to react and explain that the death of the character played by Chris Noth was due to his lifestyle and was not related to the machines they sell.

It is possible that this clarification from the firm has managed to cushion the blow, however, television would have prepared another bad news for them.


In the sixth season of the series billions, Mike Wagner’s character (played by David Costabile) dies of a heart attack after exercising on one of the company’s bicycles.

As happened with HBO, this time Peloton released a statement again referring to death in fiction.

The company explained that it did not agree with its trademark being used in billions and emphasized that “as mentioned in the program itself, cardiovascular exercise has great benefits in helping people lead a long and happy life.”

The concern of the company is understandable. Last month, when Mr. Big’s death was revealed, its shares fell 11 percent.

In fact, regarding its sad appearance on the small screen, it has been rumored that the company would be evaluating stopping the production of its low-end bikes for two months, which has been denied by Peloton.

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