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Peloton removes Chris Noth’s ad with which he wanted to clean up his image | Digital Trends Spanish

The brand of exercise bikes, treadmills and sporting goods Platoon removed from the internet an ad starring actor Chris Noth, famous for his role as “Mr. Big »in the series Sex and the city and that he faces allegations of sexual abuse by two women.

The announcement had been published by Peloton on practically all social networks on December 12, and it was the way in which the company responded to a controversy over the death of the character of “Mr. Big »in And Just Like That, the sequel to Sex and the city which is currently airing on HBO.

In the series, «Mr. Big »dies of a heart attack after doing an exercise session on one of Peloton’s machines, which caused the company’s shares to fall due to a negative impact on his image. Peloton replied with an ad in which “Mr. Big »revives and in which the voice of actor Ryan Reynolds reminds the audience that constant exercise reduces the risk of having a heart attack.

The ad was published on December 12 on practically all social networks, but Peloton had to withdraw it after Chris Noth, the actor who plays “Mr. Big ”, was denounced of rape by two women.

The accusations, points out the middle of shows The Hollywood Reporter, would have occurred in 2004 and 2015.

Noth categorically denied having raped the two women, and although he acknowledged that he had sexual relations with them, he assured that the meetings were consensual.

Apart from the accusations, it is evident that what began for Peloton as an inclusion of its products in a high-impact series (a product placement) has become a public relations crisis, first due to a bad image of their bikes in And Just Like That, and later, as collateral damage from allegations of sexual abuse.

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