Wednesday, March 22

Peloton turns to free trials to save its reputation | Digital Trends Spanish

The Peloton company achieved great popularity during the first year of the pandemic, as its exercise bikes and exercise routines allowed people to maintain constant physical activity from home.

However, the deaths of two fictional characters in different television series after having used their implements, in addition to the complaint of selling rusty bicycles, caused the company’s reputation to plummet abruptly.


Now, Peloton is doing everything it can to shake off the blows and win back its customers. Part of this strategy includes extending the free trial period for customers who have purchased one of its Bike, Bike Plus and Tread devices.

According to site of the company, it is a limited time offer for those people who have purchased a machine between March 3 and the 22 of the same month. This allows customers to purchase a new product, try it out, and return it for a full refund if they don’t like it.

It should be remembered that before, this same period only lasted for 30 days. The company also explains that while the trial begins when the machines are delivered, buyers will have immediate access to the Peloton app once their orders are confirmed.

Peloton also assures that it will bear the shipping costs. The bad news, yes, is that this promotion is not available for those who live in remote places such as Alaska, Hawaii and any location that is only accessible by ferry.

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