Saturday, October 1

Penélope Cruz collects the National Film Award and donates her endowment to the PAH and a unit against cancer

In Alcobendas, in the mid-1980s, a girl dreamed of being an actress. She did it from the living room of her house, spying on the ladies who went to her mother’s hairdressing salon, imagining that the streets of her neighborhood were a set in which she imagined other lives and visited other worlds. . She that girl received, this Saturday, the National Cinematography Award converted into the most awarded Spanish interpreter in history. Penélope Cruz has all the awards, she has worked with the best directors and, however, as Minister Miquel Iceta pointed out, until now she had not received the highest distinction awarded by public institutions.

Juan Diego Botto’s film about evictions that was born thanks to a wish by Penélope Cruz

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Cruz has collected the award emotionally, crying, and dedicating the award to her family and to those directors who opened their doors to her. She also announced that the economic endowment of the award (30,000 euros), will go to social causes. A third will go to the Platform of those affected by the Mortgage, an issue that she touches closely and that the film talks about in the margins, which he produces and stars in, another third for the CRIS unit against cancer in La Paz and the last for the AISGE assistance fund for actors in precariousness, an initiative that was created by his mother-in-law, Pilar Bardem.

The actress explained to the press after collecting the award that it was important for her to donate the endowment and choose the causes well. That is why she has chosen three that she knows well. She has highlighted the work of the PAH and how after shooting this film she knows “by first and last name” the affected people and how much this money can help them. The same happens with the CRIS unit, which has explained that it has treated people close to them. She also knew firsthand that fund for actors in difficult situations, “especially older.”

Of course she remembered her parents, who “had the generosity” to support her in a difficult choice. Entering a world they did not know. “We didn’t have a movie theater nearby, nor a relative dedicated to this, only a 300-kilo betamax,” she recalled with glassy eyes after her delivery. There was a mention to his teachers, Cristina Rota and Juan Carlos Corazza, and also to Bigas Luna, and Fernando Trueba, but above all to Pedro Almodóvar, “one of the people who has best narrated our country, an essential figure to understand cinema ”. She also told her manager since she was 15 years old, Katrina Bayonas, whom she thanked for not kicking her out of her office the third time she showed up at her office as a teenager.

Before her, two of her great friends spoke, the actress Goya Toledo and the actor Luis Tosar, who spoke of “all the Penélopes, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the companion, the friend, the neighbor ”. “I know all of you and all of you are powerful, firm, enthusiastic, supportive, empathic, friendly, revolutionary, committed, funny and all of them are the same, and the only one. Surely you are not aware of what you mean for our industry and our culture the influence for thousands of people here and abroad for a long time. Or maybe you don’t intend to, but your kindness, commitment, love and work speak for themselves. These characteristics are not only of the actress Penelope, but of the others. I sincerely believe that to be an extraordinary actress, she must first be an extraordinary person. And I know that one, ”said the interpreter with whom she acts in In the margins.

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