Tuesday, February 27

Pensioners demand in Pamplona to raise minimum pensions and create measures against the energy and climate crisis

Different groups of pensioners have held a demonstration this Saturday in Pamplona in which they have demanded, among other issues, that minimum pensions be complemented as well as measures to face the increase in energy costs and to mitigate climate change. The demonstration, which has been called by Amona, Anapen, Anapp, FP CCOO, Lacarra, Oneka, Pentsionistak Martxan, Sasoia, UJP-UGT on the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, has started at 12 noon from the Plaza del Pamplona City Council preceded by a banner with the slogan ‘Day of the Elderly. Dignified life’. Posters have also been seen with slogans such as ‘For face-to-face health care’, ‘Comprehensive Law on the Rights of the Elderly’ or demanding a public bank, according to Europa Press.

Along the route, stops have been made to draw attention to their different claims. Thus, before leaving, in the same Plaza Consistorial, the Pamplona City Council, the mayor Enrique Maya, Navarra Suma and the PSN have been demanded to “comply with the favorable sentence” for the workers of the Home Care Service ( SAD) and that “they be reverted to the previous situation, which was to depend on the City Council.” In statements to the media, Fernando Viedma, from Elders against the Crisis, has criticized that this sentence “still has not been fulfilled”. “Elderly people at home need quality help and the excellent care that is required,” he has demanded.

The mobilization has also reached the Parliament of Navarra where it has been demanded that the minimum pensions “which in Navarra are enough and are below 600 euros” be supplemented so that “they allow a decent life”. Thus, he has asked that this benefit be complemented “as they are usually doing but with more quantity” since “inflation is crushing us all”. In the same way, he has underlined the need for wages “to rise according to the cost of living.” Likewise, a stop has been made in front of the Iberdrola premises, located on Paseo Sarasate, to demand that “enough of so much abusive profit” and that “they allow people to live without being cold”. “They are lining up with our money, they are flooding us with bills that no one can pay at the end of the month,” he rejected. Also on Paseo Sarasate, in front of a financial institution, it has been criticized that “the bank is abusing the elderly and excluded groups” and has demanded that they “comply with direct attention”. And the creation of a public bank “which is the solution to the problems we are suffering” has been claimed.

Finally, the demonstration passed by the Palacio de Navarra to demand that the Provincial Executive “become much more involved in the climate crisis that we are suffering”. “Today we have seen the drought, the fires, the hurricanes…, everything is a consequence of the bad hand of the governments and the companies,” said Viedma, who has asked the governments to “get involved and stop the hecatomb what we are suffering”. The mobilization has concluded in the Plaza del Castillo where personalized attention has been demanded, aid for energy poverty, “caps” on the shopping basket and mortgages, salary improvements and a “profound and progressive tax reform that should not stop in banking and energy taxes”. Likewise, “urgent measures” have been demanded in the face of climate change and “guarantee economic sufficiency” by revaluing pensions according to the CPI.