Saturday, September 18

Pentagon confirms explosion at Kabul airport entrance

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced on Thursday that there has been an explosion at the entrance to the Kabul airport, in whose surroundings thousands of desperate people have crowded in the last days since the Taliban victory while evacuation tasks continued .

At the moment, it is unknown if there are victims. In a tweet, Kirby has indicated that he will provide more details soon.

“I was on the phone with an Afghan outside the airport when he heard the explosion. I pray that he comes out safely and that we get his family out of this nightmare safe and sound,” British MP Nus Ghani said in a tweet. .

Western countries had warned of a possible attack on the Kabul airport in the last days of evacuation efforts.

Some nations, including Denmark, Poland or Belgium, have ended their operations from the airport.

The Spanish soldiers who are stationed in Kabul are doing well, according to sources from the Defense Ministry told EFE.

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