Thursday, September 16

People at the center: Mahou San Miguel reinforces its strategy

Mahou San Miguel has people at the center of its strategy. It is a motto that the most international Spanish brewery has been promoting for years, aware of the importance of each one of us in society and, above all, in the economic and social progress that it intends to promote.

The company has among its fundamental pillars the care of people and the creation of lasting bonds. It has demonstrated this day by day with its clients, reinforcing its support for the Hospitality Industry throughout the pandemic with more than 200 million euros destined to contribute to its reactivation, which has led it to consciously renounce its 2020 benefit. Internally , promotes it daily from a double prism: the physical and emotional well-being of its professionals.

It is not something new: Mahou San Miguel was one of the pioneer companies in launching a physical activity program that it has been reinforcing through different initiatives. In the first place, with its Health Spaces, located in the work centers and in which professionals can exercise, completely free of charge and with the advice of professionals; with annual health surveillance programs above the average and developing joint strategies together with organizations such as the Higher Sports Council to mark the way for the rest of the industrial and business fabric.

Thanks to this, the company has been able to quickly adapt its strategy to the new situation generated by the pandemic, taking advantage of the possibilities of digitization and cross-cutting work. Its physical exercise programs have been temporarily transferred to the online environment, communications to the entire workforce have been reinforced in aspects such as healthy eating and, even, leisure and activity programs have been designed to be carried out with the family from any location.

In addition, in a particularly hard time from the psychological point of view, it has focused more than ever on promoting emotional well-being: mindfulness sessions are organized every day through Webex, psychological support programs for women have been reinforced. people who need it and their perception of their physical and mental state and their opinion on relevant issues in this field is measured through constant surveys. Everything, under the umbrella of the Happiness Area, a specialized team that is responsible for focusing on the main points that concern professionals from a psychic point of view and offer them alternatives to solve them.

A bet for conciliation

This interest in capturing people’s real opinions has made it possible to quickly identify opportunities, as in the case of teleworking and its relationship with work-life balance. Studies carried out by the brewery among its professionals have shown that working from home can make working hours lengthen, negatively affecting workers and their environment. For this reason, Mahou San Miguel has relaunched its program for the rational use of digital devices, especially outside working hours, and has asked the directors of the organization to encourage rational days among their teams. The message is clear: at home you work the same hours as at the office.

And it is that this company is among the 70 companies, internationally, that receive the highest grade in conciliation as a Family Responsible Company by the Fundación Más Familia, an independent body that accredits and audits the good practices implemented in companies to promote conciliation.

Training, key to the future

However, to achieve real change at all levels, Mahou San Miguel has developed a strategy that focuses on its own professionals and, more specifically, on training. The brewery is developing a plan in this area that responds to the concerns of each worker, who can choose the training initiatives that interest him the most as part of his personal and professional growth plan. In this way, not only is it possible to teach how to use applications and devices, but also that teams enjoy learning.

The plans are designed so that each professional has access to the content from remote mobile applications, a way to promote self-learning through multi-channel channels. In 2020, more than 1.2 million euros were allocated to the development of the workforce and more than 71,000 hours of training were given.

In this same field are the new programs launched by the organization and that take advantage of the knowledge of the professionals themselves. Mahou San Miguel has implemented webinars in which internal experts in different fields explain guidelines and possibilities for professional growth of new trends in the digital environment. In addition, social and digital work tools have been integrated to increase synergies between different team members and promote a new model of a more leading, transversal, close, digital and authentic company that reflects its commitment to society.

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