Saturday, October 1

People with disabilities from Panama Oeste create retail trade cooperative

The executive director of Cooperative Autonomous Panamanian Institute (Ipacoop), Edwin navarro, delivered the Legal Status of the Marketing Cooperative for People with Disabilities of Panama Oeste (Coompedispo, RL), in an act held in the district of La Chorrera.

It was a joint effort in which the Ministry of Labor Labor Development (Mitradel), la National Secretariat for Disability (Senadis), la Mayor’s Office of La Chorrera and the Government of Panama Oeste.

This cooperative, the first fully formed by people with disabilities in West Panama, has 21 founding associates, will be dedicated to marketing and distributing dry goods wholesale and retail and the sale and distribution of tortillas, empanadas and cold products.

Navarro said he was pleased with the emergence of this new cooperative and added that these ventures help the economic reactivation of the country.

He indicated that the inclusion of these new cooperative members has been achieved, who now must work to strengthen the new cooperative company, where they will find the permanent support of Ipacoop.

For his part, the deputy director of the Senadis, Miguel Atencio, highlighted the tenacity of this group of people with disabilities, who in the midst of the pandemic have opted for cooperativism.

We can do many things if we have the opportunity ”, he explained.

For her part, the president of Coompedispo, RL Julissa Esturaín, He expressed that “in the midst of the pandemic we were presented with the opportunity to create a cooperative, and we said yes, and we are committed to entrepreneurship.”

While the provincial director of Panama, Sahjid Gordón, He congratulated the new associates for the step taken and assured that the Ipacoop will continue to support them.

Ipacoop will open a liaison office in La Chorrera in January, which will serve cooperatives in Panama Oeste.