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Pepe Álvarez reveals that the bosses raised a lower minimum wage for young people

The employer’s association proposed a lower minimum wage for young people at the negotiating table with the Government and the unions, as revealed this Wednesday by the UGT leader, Pepe Álvarez. The union leader has criticized the inability of employers to raise the lowest wages in the final stretch of the year, which he considers “has no arguments.” Álvarez has not completely thrown in the towel in the negotiation and has defended that there may still be a pact in social dialogue with a more “flexible” increase (that is, lower) at the end of 2021, but that contemplates an upward path until 2023 that meets the legislature’s goal of placing the SMI at 60% of the median salary. About 1,049 euros per month.

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“The CEOE in the meetings on the interprofessional minimum wage has come to propose that we do not raise the salary for young people,” the UGT secretary general revealed this morning at a press conference on this new beginning of the course. The union leader has pointed to this example as a sample of the behavior of the businessmen at the negotiating table, which in his opinion only shows their refusal to any increase.

“The CEOE is clear that if it points to young people, it is not so that they charge more than the elderly. Reference has been made to young people, but also to sectors that wanted not to raise the minimum wage, such as domestic workers, workers agricultural “, has added.

Álvarez stressed that the employers’ association has not explained these proposals publicly, “but he has said it at the negotiating table and he has not said it because it is very serious.” “The only intention” of these proposals, has valued the UGT leader, “is not to raise the SMI.”

The unions have taken steps to try to reach an agreement, Álvarez has defended, they have already shown themselves in favor of greater “flexibility” in 2021, with an increase lower than their claims (25 to 30 euros more per month), if a path is agreed of increase for next year, that is not less than 1,000 euros, and that at the end of the legislature 60% of the average salary will be reached.

Businessmen’s closure and political pressure

Employers for their part continue to publicly defend their frontal refusal to raise the minimum wage in 2021, but in the Government and the majority unions still maintain that contacts and negotiations continue. The pact seems very complicated given the manifestations of the CEOE employer, which has already reached a multitude of agreements with the coalition Executive, something that has earned internal criticism of its leader, Antonio Garamendi, and also of the main opposition party , the PP.

Pepe Álvarez stressed that “it is evident” the political pressure that the employers are suffering from the right, after expressing his opinion on the pardons of the Catalan independentists and after the agreement on pensions, which Pablo Casado came to dismiss as “great error”.

“It seems to me very strong, unknown, that an agreement is reached by social agents and there is a reproach from them that a few months ago they reached an agreement in the Toledo Pact,” Álvarez has criticized, referring to the PP. “What they do not dare to say is that they do not want to raise pensions with the CPI, but they want employers to say it for them,” he said.

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