Monday, September 20

Pere Aragonès confirms his attendance at the Diada demonstration with the majority of the Government

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, together with the majority of the Government councilors, plan to attend the Diada demonstration that the ANC will celebrate next Saturday afternoon. The spokeswoman for the Executive, Patricia Plaja, has confirmed this will after the meeting of the Government on Tuesday. “As every year, the president of the Generalitat will attend the demonstration,” he said, “as will most of the councilors.” Plaja has assured that some of the members of the Government have other obligations, he has already given the example of the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, who will be coordinating the security device for the demonstration.

With this response, the Government has cleared up the question about whether Aragonès would attend a march that will take place a few days after the meeting of the dialogue table with the central Government. The Catalan Executive is focusing all its efforts on preparing this appointment, set for next week but without a specific day yet. “The negotiating table is an issue that the Government is working on as a whole,” Plaja said to dispel any hint of internal division. In addition, although at the moment neither the composition of the delegations nor the issues to be discussed are known, the Government has confirmed this Tuesday that there has been work between the Madrid and Barcelona teams to “outline the agenda.”

In addition, as Plaja explained, the Government considers that it is not a continuation of the first meeting held in February 2020, but a “restart” of the negotiation. “For us it is not a table for dialogue but for the negotiation of a political conflict,” he assured, in which there are also “new actors” in the Generalitat, so the agreements reached previously “may or may not be maintained.”

One of the issues for which the Government is pressing most insistently is to achieve the presence of Pedro Sánchez at the meeting, which this time would be held in Barcelona. On the part of Moncloa, they do not confirm or deny anything about the presence of Sánchez, while the Government has stated that Aragonès will attend. “There would be no reason for President Pedro Sánchez not to attend,” Plaja remarked, as various members of the Government had already expressed in previous days.

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