Friday, January 21

Pere Aragonès: “We don’t want to reform the Constitution, we want a Catalan one”

The president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Pere Aragonès, has taken advantage of the anniversary of the Spanish Constitution to remind that what the Catalan Executive wants is not to reform it, but rather a “Catalan Constitution”. According to Aragonès, the Constitution is “obsolete” and does not represent the “wishes” of the “citizenship” of Catalonia.

This was assured this Monday in statements to the media from La Bisbal de l’Empordà (Girona) after meeting with the Associació de Ceramistes and the Federació de Comerciants in this town.

“The Government of Catalonia does not want any reform of the Spanish Constitution, what it wants is a Catalan Constitution and successfully complete the independence process,” said the president, who recalled that, according to him, this process must be achieved through a binding “recognized self-determination referendum”. “The Constitution has clearly manifested itself as a tool to limit the aspirations of our people,” he added.

Aragonès has reaffirmed the commitment of its Executive to advance towards this objective, reinforcing “the internal majorities” in Catalonia “for a political solution to the conflict” in Catalonia.

Aragonés has also responded the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, who charged against the comuns for having “failed” the Government in the processing of budgets. The president has defended and vindicated the majority that he obtained for the approval of the public accounts and has indicated that the model of the Catalan executive “is the winner.”

“At the inauguration as president I had one of the maximum support in terms of votes in favor in recent decades and now we have budgets clearly oriented to economic and social recovery that represent an essential step forward,” the president has remarked.

Aragonès has recognized that the opposition has “every right” to criticize the Government’s commitment and says that it is “two different projects and ours is the one that will be implemented.”