Wednesday, October 4

#PeriodismoEnRiesgo: Journalists come out to protest murders in Mexico

Journalists from more than 30 Mexican cities demonstrate this Tuesday after the murders of three members of the union in less than a month.

We tell you how the simultaneous mobilizations are going at the national level.


Journalists placed a altar in front of the National Palace this Tuesday morning, in memory of the communicators assassinated in January.

After 8:00 am, photographs of Lourdes Maldonado, Margarito Martínez, both from Baja California, and José Luis Gamboa from Veracruz, were placed on the fences that protect the façade of the National Palace.

In addition, they put up signs with the legend: “We are the press, do not shoot”, accompanied by flowers and candles.

A few hours later, journalists reported that the images in front of the Palace had been removed.


A group of reporters, journalists, correspondents, communicators and human rights defenders demonstrated this afternoon in the Plaza de Armas in Cuernavaca, to demand justice for the murder of journalists, Lourdes Maldonado, Margarito Martínez and José Luis Gamboa.

“From Morelos we demand that the corresponding authorities thoroughly investigate the three cases, that the material and intellectual authors be punished, so that they do not go unpunished, as practically 90 percent of crimes against journalists”, expressed Héctor Raúl González, correspondent for Focus, La Octava and director of the Central de Noticias portal.

With letters that read slogans such as: The truth is not killed by killing journalists, they raised their voices for the murder of their colleagues from Tijuana and Veracruz.

Another mobilization is expected at 6:00 p.m.

San Luis Potosi

Communicators of the State capital, Ciudad Valles, Rioverde, Ciudad del Maíz, El Naranjo and Matehuala they joined the national movement of journalists that takes place on this day. The mobilization calls for justice and guarantees to carry out their work.

On behalf of the union from Potosí, reporter Lucina López commented: “Enough of words, we need a government that looks out for journalists. Today Tijuana is not alone because San Luis Potosí is with you”.

He called on the State Attorney General’s Office to clarify the crime against the photojournalist from Potosí Daniel Esqueda happened in 2017.


Here it was not a march: reporters, columnists and photographers gathered at the Asta Bandera on the boardwalk of this city to reject the wave of violence experienced by journalists in Mexico.

It is no longer a request for guarantees, it is now a requirement. The journalist Rosa Santana requested security conditions for the exercise of the profession. Said journalism is a fundamental job for the population. “No more murdered journalists, we want results in the investigations of so many murdered journalists.”

There, under a hot sun, they repudiated the lukewarm protection of journalists and the work of investigating the murders. “Not one more”.


Journalists from several cities in Veracruz demonstrated to demand justice for the three journalists murdered during this 2022 and the rest of the cases that remain in impunity, in addition to asking for an end to violence against people dedicated to this profession.

In Minatitlan, Coatzacoalcos, Cordoba, Orizaba and Misantla, journalists gathered to make their demands and launch slogans in favor of freedom of expression.

With information from Diana Benítez, Verónica Bacaz, Patricia Azuara, Lourdes Alonso and Ana Osorio