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Perlla’s boyfriend returns to promote cryptocurrency company accused of default | Bitcoin Portal

Patrick Abrahão, the millionaire boyfriend of the singer Perlla who left Brazil after receiving death threats from Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “bitcoin pharaoh” arrested for operating the financial pyramid of GAS Consultoria, is back in the country to promote his company of cryptocurrencies accused of defaulting on investors.

The 23-year-old businessman describes himself on social media as number 1 at Trust Investing, an investment manager suspected of operating a bitcoin ponzi scheme in countries such as Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, England, Italy and the United States.

Trust Investing says that today it has more than 1 million affiliates around the world, conquered through “relationship marketing”, which is nothing more than multilevel marketing in which each investor is forced to bring more people into the scheme, base strategy of financial pyramids.

In addition to being one of Tust Investing’s representatives in Brazil, Abrahão also attracts clients through his own company Rede PP (Patrick Produções). In video published in December on YouTube, he says he created the company in 2013 with the aim of “teaching people how to invest in the financial market with low investment and without knowledge”.

Complaints against Patrick’s companies began to emerge in August 2021, when customers reported unable to access the company’s system to make withdrawals.

Two months later, in October, the businessman claimed that the Trust Investing platform had been hacked, making it impossible for clients to withdraw their earnings.

That same month, Patrick appeared posing on Instagram with his recently purchased BMW X6, valued at over R$1 million.

Patrick stated that the withdrawals would only be released again after an alleged audit and migration to a new platform. Four months after the alleged hacking attack, the company still hasn’t paid investors.

A Trust Investing client who asked not to be named for security reasons, reported to the Portal do Bitcoin the apparent default:

“The cryptocurrency company has blocked withdrawals from 2 million accounts since October last year. I have a few affiliates who are in the same situation, but afraid their names will be revealed.”

The statement is consistent with other complaints found on the Reclame Aqui website. Last Wednesday (2), an investor from Florianópolis he wrote:

“With a lot of suspicion, I was convinced to invest in this company, right after I put R$ 1,505 (US$271) the company blocked access to the platform with the argument that it would do an audit, since then I can’t get my money back, I don’t know anymore what to do.. I need help, because this money was not [Editado pelo Reclame Aqui], was worked with a lot of sweat”.

On Thursday (3), another client from Rio de Janeiro he did a similar account: “I invested R$ 1,000 and soon after, the crooked company blocked everything”.

Death threat and refuge in Portugal

The Federal Police investigation into the crimes committed by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, from GAS Consultoria, revealed that he had ordered the death of Patrick Abrahão.

An excerpt from the PF investigation, shared by Record TV, shows that Gaidson saw Patrick Abrahão as a “competitor”, a view that in itself already gives signals about the good faith of Abrahão’s business.

In December, the businessman left Brazil together with the singer Perlla and until then he was living in Portugal. There, the couple opened an evangelical church, according to the portal. Em Off.

Now in February, they seem to be back in Brazil. Amid complaints of default by investors, Patrick Abrahão continues to promote his schemes. On his Instagram profile, where he has more than 2 million followers, the businessman publishes photos of Rede PP events that took place throughout the week in Rio de Janeiro.

Trust Investing scam signs

In video Published in December on YouTube, Patrick explains how Trust Investing operates by selling investment packages starting at R$80. According to him, the investment is now controlled by a group of traders who make money every day by investing in cryptocurrencies.

“You are going to buy the package and its value [investido] will double, that is, your contribution of R$ 1 thousand will become R$ 2 thousand, your R$ 20 thousand will become R$ 40 thousand. The company’s agreement is exactly that, doubling its capital”, he promises in the video.

THE site from Trust Investing explains that the company “operates in the management of crypto assets in the most daring markets”, with a particularly strong presence in Hispanic countries.

Regulators and industry organizations have already accused the company of promoting a large financial pyramid scheme that raises investment to apply in the cryptocurrency market.

In May 2021, the leader of Trust Investing in Cuba was arrested while trying to flee the country to Russia.

Prior to that, in August 2020, Spain’s CVM had already published warnings to investors that Trust Investing was not authorized to offer financial services in the country. Then it was the turn of the Panamanian regulators to make the same consideration.

The alerts came after Tulip Research, an organization that investigates cryptocurrency fraud, showed evidence that Trust Investing would be a ponzi scheme. At the time, the company promised 200% profits within a maximum period of 10 months.

“Trust Investing does not have a real product and pays its investors with the money it receives. We do not recommend that any investor participate in this business, as he would be risking all his capital and, in turn, would be contributing to the development of a system that lacks the slightest morality”, wrote Tulip Research.