Thursday, August 5

Perpetual coup (traitors by vocation)

General Council of the Judiciary, Constitutional Court, Court of Accounts, Ombudsman …, institutions that serve basic functions of the State have not been renewed. Why? It is simple and visible to all: the Popular Party does not accept democratic norms, violates the Constitution and has no qualms in showing that it only accepts the “rules of the game” when it is in a position to impose, as members of the institutions, “its” militants (confessed or not this militancy) in majority proportion. That is to say: in reality it does not accept the said “rules of the game”. Why?

The answer is visible to all: because they are not concerned, at all, by the general interests, but only when these coincide with those of their own party (and with its sponsors and beneficiaries); the faithful of the balance are their own profits. At that moment, when the aforementioned coincidence occurs, the national exaltation seizes the militants “of the first opposition party.” However, it is evident that the homeland, the company, Spain and the Spaniards, the citizens here and there… are just excuses; and when any member of these deviates from the “official line” of the Party, the goalkeeper warns: “you are targeted” (Aznar). They will make you pay for it.

There are, then, two constitutions for the Popular Party: the official one and “his”. The latter is the only binding one and is constantly being composed and renewed as the interests of the Party are realized. It does not matter the contradiction with the official Constitution (which we all know as “the Constitution”, that of 1978), and neither, if necessary, the commission of what for the common Penal Code are criminal acts … if they are “assimilable” (that is, not criminal) for the particular morale of the party. That is to say: prevarication, illegal financing, embezzlement, laundering …, which we could call, collectively, “corruption”. No, this does not matter; In reality, the only relevant thing is to satisfy partisan objectives, and if this requires attacking the Constitution in its very foundations … it is done.

It is true that the “independentistas” committed (in terms of Theory of the State) treason, because using (most of them) their role as representatives of the State, they went against it; and they robbed, and lied and brought the Catalan citizens to the brink of a confrontation with each other. But this betrayal is no greater than the one that the leaders of the PP commit permanently. Or did they not encourage anti-Catalanism with their signature collections in the first decade of this 21st century? Does anyone believe that this form of inducing hatred supposes loyal behavior towards the State? Weren’t they the ones who tried to use the March 11 attacks to win an election by attributing responsibility to ETA? Weren’t they the ones who stole every penny that was possible in the Community of Madrid under the mandate of Esperanza Aguirre (“the one with the toads”), José Luis González (the one with the black garbage bags in Cartagena de Indias? ), etc.? And in Valencia? And in Mallorca?

But the greatest crime that the PP has committed has consisted of encouraging civil confrontation: they did so with the appeal against the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia (and its handling in the Constitutional Court); They carried it out with the Nefarious Rajoy’s refusal to even speak to the president of the Generalitat; they carried it out with the “handling” (of the truly incompetent, on the other hand) of the failed Catalan referendum; they did it…

Nothing matters to traitors, they have no limits once they have decided to play that role. To maintain power, to regain it, they are determined to destroy democracy; and for this they do not care to go to base it on the coup d’état of 1936.


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