Sunday, September 19

Peru alerts: no Transformer will enter Machu Picchu | Digital Trends Spanish

Transformers is one of the great action and science fiction sagas of recent times. This story has been so popular that managers are already preparing a new film in the franchise.

In fact, the film crew is already in the city of Cusco, Peru to begin filming some of the scenes of The awakening of the Beasts.

Although Paramount Pictures already had permission to record in the historic sanctuary built by the Incas, those in charge of the archaeological park were clear in ensuring that they will be very strict to avoid any type of damage.

“Let it be clear that none of the robots will enter Machu Picchu, not even one hand of the robot,” said José Bastante Abuhadba, the chief in charge of the sanctuary, considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

According to the Andina agency, the official clarified that in Mach Picchu “it will only be filmed with the two main actors and the rest will be a virtual recreation of the robots.”

This week, a group of 100 people arrived in Lima to begin filming preparations, including actors Anthony Ramos Martínez and Dominique Fishback.

José Bastante Abuhadba confirmed that the team in charge of the film has the letter where it agrees not to affect the rich heritage of the place, and they will also have some limitations when entering equipment to this historic tourist area.

If all goes according to plan, this new installment of Transformers It should hit theaters in June 2022.

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