Thursday, January 27

Peso strengthens and outlines its fourth consecutive week of gains

The weight The session began this Friday with gains against the US currency, mainly due to the mixed performance in the foreign exchange market, a result of low liquidity, since the capital markets in the United States will remain closed.

The Mexican coin is appreciated 0.14 percent, with which the exchange rate It stands at 20.5962 pesos per dollar, according to Bloomberg data.

The weight It touches a minimum of 20.5915 and a maximum of 20.6495 pesos per dollar during the day.

The Mexican currency is thus heading to register a weekly rise of 1.09 percent, its fourth consecutive week with appreciation.

“In the foreign exchange market, a mixed performance is observed and without a clear trend, as a result of the low liquidity characteristic of the last days of the year. It should be remembered that today the capital markets in the United States will remain closed, for which a significant drop in liquidity is expected in the foreign exchange market starting at 11:00 am, after the closing of the markets in Europe, “said Gabriela Siller, director of economic analysis at Banco Base.

In bank window, the dollar is sold at 21.23 units, according to Citibanamex data.

The Bloomberg Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the greenback compared to a basket of 10 currencies, shows a decrease of 0.11 percent to settle at 1,178.38 points.

Commodity markets also remain closed. In the oil market, Brent shows a decline of 0.92 percent to 76.14 dollars per barrel, due to a correction after gaining 7.45 percent in the three previous sessions.