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Peter Jordan deletes video promoting crypto game that melted 99% – “R$ 28,000 per month”

O youtuber Peter Jordan, known for the Ei Nerd channel, deleted a video in which he promoted a cryptocurrency game that died last week, linked to CryptoCity. There are three games that are part of a pseudo-metavero – CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes and CryptoGuards. Initially pointed out as promising, they turned out to be a real punch and a possible rugpull blow.

It is worth noting that CoinMarketCap highlighted the three projects as some of the most sought after in South America at the beginning of 2022, as well as the game Zodiacs, another that died recently.

Youtuber Peter Jordan deletes video promoting cryptocurrency gambling

in the community NFT Brazil Games, on Facebook, passed on information about youtubers who promoted CryptoCars and deleted its contents shortly after it started to plummet.

One of them was the youtuber Peter Jordan, from the channel business nerds, which has nearly 2 million followers.

His video about the late game had over 650k views, titled “CryptoCars! Cart game paying 28,362 reais per month [Melhor que Axie Infinity]“.

“Can you imagine getting almost 3 thousand reais free per month? It would be great, especially in the current situation. What if I told you that this is possible and that there are a lot of people making 3, 4, even 30 thousand reais just with NFT games, don’t you believe it? So stay here a little longer and you will understand!”

Youtubers who publicized CryptoCars game, game in the midst of scam confusion, reverberated in the Brazilian community of NFTs games / Reproduction

Another youtuber even asked for attention on the price of CCAR at the time the video was released by Peter Jordan, known for the Ei Nerd channel, showing hope that the game could go up with this advertisement.

Of course, that ended up not happening, as the game lost 99% in the last two months.


In this “pull of the rug” situation, it is clear that the developers may have left the project and abandoned everything after withdrawing money that belongs to the game. As several BNB withdrawals were made from the game’s wallets, the situation drew attention.

In the official Discord of CCAR, one of the moderators declared that it was not a rugpull, but that the FUD should hinder the game to recover, blaming the end of the game on the players themselves.

“We would like to state again that CryptoCity Metaverse, especially CryptoCars, is not a “pull of the rug” (scam) like some FUDs out there. However, with pressure from some people, we are experiencing a series of stressful days that could affect the effort to save the game and maintain it. Thanks for your attention”.

CryptoCars moderator urges people to stop badmouthing the project and denies rugpull ever happened
CryptoCars moderator urges people to stop badmouthing the project and denies rugpull ever happened /Reproduction

In addition, the CryptoCars Brazil gaming community and its moderators warned of the possible market blow, which ended up causing a 99% drop in all three games.

According to the moderator of the Telegram group, who deleted his account after declaring that he was being threatened, the case “is nebulous” and is likely to be a rugpull.

CryptoCars Brasil moderator said the case is being hushed up
CryptoCars Brasil moderator says the case is being hushed up / Reproduction
Blockchain gaming community moderator says it is under threat from people
Blockchain Gaming Community Moderator Says It’s Under Threat From People

In other words, the confusion with what really happened with CryptoCars continues and those who have been involved with it at some point, now do everything to get rid of this situation.

THE Livecoins reached out to Peter Jordan to understand why he took the video from the public and what he thought of the game, but he didn’t receive a response until the closing of this article.

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Official video deleted:

Peter Jordan's CryptoCars Video Is Private
Peter Jordan’s CryptoCars Video is Private /YouTube

Video downloaded and retrieved on another channel: