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Peter Scott-Morgan, the world’s first cyborg, dies | Digital Trends Spanish

At 64 years of age, the death of Peter Scott Morgana British scientist regarded as the first cyborg in the story, after beginning a series of artificial implants in his body after discovering that he had a rare neurodegenerative disease.

“Peter passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and loved ones. He was incredibly proud of everyone who supported him, and of his vision to change the way people view disability.” short note posted on Scott-Morgan’s Twitter profile.

HERE'S ONE LAST CLIP from my interview with the wonderful @stephenfry

— Dr Peter B Scott-Morgan (@DrScottMorgan) May 31, 2021

The newspaper Daily Mailhad commented that the Briton’s health deteriorated at the beginning of the year due to the motor neuron disease (MND, for its acronym in English) who had been diagnosed in 2017. “My eyes have stopped closing, which makes them very dry and my eye tracking has stopped working,” commented in April Scott-Morgan.

designed a realistic avatar to express his emotions before the muscles of his face stopped working. This graphic representation allowed him to carry on a conversation using body language based on artificial intelligence. “I’m not dying, I’m transforming!” assured in 2019.

hi @DrScottMorganwe saw the brilliant Channel 4 doco on you 'Peter: The Human Cyborg', and loved it so much we've acquired it to run on our show @4Corners @abcnews next week. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary and inspirational story!

— Sally Neighbor (@neighbour_s) May 5, 2021

He also spoke through a voice synthesizerhad a tube in her stomach for feeding, a catheter in her bladder, and a colostomy bag in her colon to remove waste helped her retain some independence, as did the high end wheelchair that allowed him to stand upright, be in a horizontal position and even walk.

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