Saturday, December 4

Petrobras wants to register blockchain and artificial intelligence software

The largest Brazilian state-owned company, Petrobras, has requested a software registration for the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

It is still not clear from this request alone what will be the functionality of the new software, which will serve employees and customers of the company that has part of its capital publicly traded on the Brazilian stock exchange.

However, in June 2021 the company published a notice in partnership with PUC-Rio, to capture innovative business for its ecosystem. Thus, it was possible to see that the blockchain was already one of the initiatives in which the state-owned company had its eye on the market.

The technological trends of interest in that program were Innovative Applications (Mobile, Web and Bots), Distributed Registration Technologies, such as Blockchain, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Petrobras Requests Software Registration for Blockchain and AI Usage

This Wednesday (3), INPI’s Intellectual Property Magazine published an unusual application for registration made by Petrobras.

Requesting the use of the Vibra Co.lab brand, the state-owned company plans to create software to serve employees and customers, shipped with numerous innovative technologies on the market.

The new software intends to use blockchain technology to connect, execute and record transactions. As there are not many details about the software yet, it is not clear when Petrobras will start working with this program, which is in the registration phase.

Computer Software, Downloadable Computer Software, and Computer Applications for Use in Employee and Customer Experience and Support Areas Incorporating Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Workforce Optimization, Customer Journey Optimization, Performance Management ; Integrated Voice Infrastructure and Integral Telephony; Application Program Interfaces; Communication Computer Programs for Connecting Global Computer Networks and Blockchains (Distributed Registration Technologies); Computer Programs and Software to Facilitate the Use of Blockchain to Execute and Record Transactions; Software Platforms for Developing, Building and Operating Distributed Applications.”

Petrobras asks for trademark registration of Vibra Co.lab, which should use the blockchain /INPI

It is worth remembering that the process of digitizing the economy gave birth to technologies such as the blockchain, which has been the subject of studies by several state-owned companies in Brazil, a country that already recognizes this as a protocol of data trust.

The main features of blockchain are distributed data logging, transparency and immutability of stored data. In recent months, even public tenders by public banks such as Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil have demanded knowledge on the subject.