Saturday, April 1

Pfizer doubled its revenue in 2021 thanks to sales of the COVID vaccine

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has doubled its income in 2021. The company has reported this Tuesday that it sold for a value of 81,200 million dollars, of which almost half came thanks to his vaccine against COVID-19.

Pfizer becomes the great supplier of the pandemic and calculates that it will double its income

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Pfizer has explained that these more than 81,000 million represent a growth of 95% compared to 2020 revenue. The drug to prevent COVID-19, Comirnaty, has meant 36,700 million.

The executive director of the company, Albert Boula, has argued when announcing the results, that “we put billions to help protect the population from this deadly virus and offer treatments without knowing if there would be compensation. Less than two years after making that commitment, we are proud to have developed the first licensed oral treatment and vaccine against COVID-19.”

So, finally, the vaccine has become a blockbuster for the company. Commercial expectations for the compound have been growing throughout the year and as the dynamic of administering a third booster dose in high-income countries such as Spain took hold. Some state, like Israel, even went ahead to inject a fourth puncture.

With this formula in place by at least 2022, Pfizer plans to make another leap in revenue. The company’s financial guidance also released Tuesday estimates revenue of more than $100 billion. “A growth of 23%”, the document abounds.

And the drugs against the coronavirus will continue to be key pieces in these billionaire sales. The pharmaceutical company’s predictions estimate that the vaccine will contribute at least another 32,000 million dollars “including the doses that must be supplied with the contracts signed until the end of January 2022.”

To that, the company adds the income from its specific antiviral Paxlovid to which it attributes 22,000 million dollars of income. The contracts and commitments have already been signed. The pharmaceutical company has also incorporated into its lines of work for this course the “emergency use of booster doses [de la vacuna COVID] for children over 12 years old.