Thursday, December 9

“Pharaoh of Bitcoins” ordered to kill competitor in Cabo Frio, says Police

The delegate of the 126th DP of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Eduardo, commented on the conclusion of the investigation that accuses the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos of having ordered the killing of a competitor in Cabo Frio.

Popularly known as “Nilsinho”, Nilson Alves da Silva also worked with a company that promised income with cryptocurrencies in Cabo Frio. Glaidson Acácio’s main competitor, Nilsinho would have hired traders who operated at GAS Consultoria and even captured some of the company’s clients.

According to information released by the news portal RLagos, who spoke with the chief who investigated the case, everything changed when Nilson said that the Federal Police would arrest the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, when Glaidson conceived the action of taking the life of his main rival.

On March 20, 2021, Nilsinho was ambushed while on the streets of Cabo Frio, receiving several shots at close range. With serious injuries he was taken to a hospital and survived, but is now blind in one eye and no longer able to move in his legs.

Since that period Glaidson began to be investigated, guarantees the delegate responsible for completing the investigation.

“Pharaoh of Bitcoins” ordered to kill a rival in Cabo Frio, check what the police chief said

On the day of the attempted murder of Nilsinho, the homicide division of the 126th DP of PC-RJ had already gone to the location to investigate the case. The first information was collected on the spot, such as a simple sandal left by one of those responsible for the action has already been collected, as well as images of closed image circuits.

All the civil police collaborated with the investigation, which had the support of the Federal Highway Police, which, in partnership, reached the result of a large production of knowledge linked to Glaidson as the intellectual author of the crime against Nilsinho.

Delegate Carlos Eduardo recalled that he handed over the inquiry that accuses Glaidson dos Santos in court last Wednesday (27). Thus, this document did not influence the judgment of habeas corpus last Tuesday (26), when TRF2 denied freedom to the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”.

The delegate also said that technical information from this investigation cannot be revealed, but as soon as justice takes a stand, more details may be revealed to the public.

Death of “King of Pullback” may be related to Nilsinho’s assassination attempt

There is also an investigation in the 125th DP of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, which runs in secrecy of justice, investigating the death of trader Wesley Pessano, who was known as “King of Pullback” and was killed in August 2021.

Two of those involved in Pessano’s death were related to the Nilsinho’s assassination attempt and they would still be linked to a man named “Tiago”, Glaidson dos Santos’ right-hand man and even visited him in jail days after his arrest.

“Nilsinho”, on the left, and “Rei do Pullback”, on the right / Reproduction: RLagos

Delegate Carlos Eduardo has already asked the Public Ministry to arrest three suspects, one of them Tiago, who is a fugitive.

Thus, it is possible that these cases of violence in the Cabo Frio Region have some connection, which is still investigated by the Civil Police.

Investigations against cryptocurrency companies began when investors felt aggrieved

Police Chief Carlos stated that the investigations of companies in Cabo Frio began when some clients sought out the police station to report criminal facts, embezzlement and crimes against the popular economy.

According to him, even with the intense workload of the police station, the cases are still being investigated and all criminals will be brought to justice.

Asked if he sees any connection between Cabo Frio’s business, as many ended their services after the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” was arrested, the delegate does not believe there is a link between the companies. According to him, when people’s confidence in this market was shaken, the end of the schemes was natural.

Defense of GAS Consultoria refuted police inquiry

Last Wednesday (28), when the defense of GAS Consultoria saw the first reports on the suspicion that Glaidson dos Santos is the mastermind of Nilsinho’s murder, a note was published denying this situation. The following is an excerpt from the defense of GAS:

First, we repudiate the unfounded accusations made against our CEO, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, insinuating, without proof or any evidence, that he was involved in a serious crime that took place in Cabo Frio. Glaidson never committed this, or any other crime. He never practiced violence, against anyone.

GAS legal counsel will take all appropriate measures to clarify this case, noting that we have never even been heard about such conclusions. We remain confident in Justice and have faith that the truth will prevail.