Saturday, June 10

PharmaMar: Despite today’s rises, it remains in a bearish channel

Day today of generalized rises in Europe, waiting for the message from the Federal Reserve. PharmaMar also registers increases, of 1.15% at this time, at 54.68 euros.

But despite the positive tone registered today, we must not lower our guard: according to analyst Ramón Bermejo, the chart shows that the value is still within a bearish channel.

PharmaMar has an element of risk in the form of a head-to-shoulder figure, although today it has validated an inside bar figure, which may cause us to see rallies today and new highs tomorrow.

In any case, the thing to keep in mind is that that shoulder head shoulder figure presents a target at 44.32 euros, as we see in the graph below:

In addition, according to the analyst, it also presents a double top pattern with a bullish trap. with a theoretical target of 43.90 euros, marked on the graph:

PharmaMar Chart

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