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Philanthropy with NFT, the new trend in charitable giving

The Giving Block, cryptocurrency donation platform, points philanthropy with NFTs as one of the top five trends in crypto charitable giving in 2021. The Giving Block raised over $12.3 million in donations last year from verifiable NFT projects, artists, and platforms.

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The company indicates that the volume of donations it received last year exceeded 69 million dollars. This figure represents an increase of 1,558% over 2020. The average donation size was $10,455, 236% more than the previous year.

Philanthropy, NFT and donations

In addition to the trend of donations through NFTs, the company notes that for the first time ethereum was the most donated cryptocurrency in 2021. The volume of money donated through ETH amounted to $30.79 million. In previous years, the most donated cryptocurrency was bitcoin. Unlike previous years, stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC) and DAI were the cryptocurrencies with the highest donation volume in 2021, The Giving Block reports.

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In 2021, many cryptocurrency users donated funds tied to causes that spread donations evenly across multiple NGOs. Additionally, over 100 leaders in the Crypto Philanthropy space, individuals and businesses, have pledged to donate 1% or more of their crypto profits to charities each year.

300 million cryptocurrency users

The Giving Block attributes the good results of last year to the increase in users of cryptocurrencies and the capitalization of the crypto market, with an all-time high of $3 trillion in November 2021. By now, the company indicates, much of the world’s population has heard talk about cryptocurrencies, including 86% of Americans.

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While only a fraction of the world has actively invested, traded, or used cryptocurrencies, the global user base is expanding at an exponential rate, according to The Giving Block. From January to June 2021 the number of users doubled. There are currently more than 295 million cryptocurrency users in the world.

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