Tuesday, December 7

Philosopher and essayist Antonio Escohotado dies at age 80

Antonio Escohotado died this Sunday at the age of 80 in Ibiza, as reported by the newspaper El País, which cites close sources. The philosopher, essayist and university professor was born in Madrid in 1941 and became known for his research and dissemination on drugs, a question that he faced from an anti-prohibitionist perspective.

In addition to drugs, the philosopher also gave his opinion on abortion. Thus, he was also betting on “sensible legislation” on abortion. In an interview with this medium two years ago, he assured that he had never met a woman who “does not hurt” to have an abortion “between a lot and a lot.” He was also in favor of doing so if the fetus comes “from rape, if it suffers from malformations or if it endangers the mother.” In the opposite case, if the relationship was consensual and he is healthy, the philosopher insisted that it would be a “punishable scoundrel” to do so, having, in addition, “refined” contraceptives and the morning-after pill.

Escohotado was the author of works such as The spirit of comedy (1992), Portrait of the libertine (1998), Chaos and order (1999) or Sixty weeks in the tropics (2003) although one of his main publications is General history of drugs (Espasa), who wrote in the 1980s, when he was in the Cuenca prison for a year.



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