Wednesday, December 7

PHOTO GALLERY | This is how the last ‘blood moon’ that will be until 2025 has been seen in different parts of the world

The moon is completely eclipsed again today, an astronomical phenomenon that will only be visible in some parts of the world and will not be repeated until 2025. The eclipse, which has already begun in some parts of the world, occurs when they line up perfectly the Sun, the Moon and the Earth and this casts its shadow on its satellite.

In the case of a total eclipse like today, the entire visible body of the moon is hidden by the shadow cast by the Earth. It is at that moment when the satellite acquires that characteristic reddish tone for which this phenomenon is popularly known as the “blood moon”.

Today’s total lunar eclipse will be visible in North and Central America and in Ecuador, Colombia, and the western parts of Venezuela and Peru; in addition to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. NASA has further noted that viewers in Alaska and Hawaii will be able to see all stages of the eclipse.