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PHOTO GALLERY | Tour of the ruins of Castilla-La Mancha: castles, bridges and monuments about to disappear

For 14 years, the Hispania Nostra Association has registered and made public the patrimonial elements of Spain at risk of disappearance, mainly in ruins or seriously damaged. In Castilla-La Mancha there are currently 107 collected in this so-called Red List: seven in the province of Albacete, 17 in Cuenca, 38 in Guadalajara, 29 in Toledo and 16 in Ciudad Real.

The Red List is drawn up under the supervision of a scientific commission made up of specialists in the field. The information that Hispania Nostra uses in preparing the files comes from its own sources and, where appropriate, from third parties or independent entities.

The criteria for inclusion in the list are therefore based on the historical and architectural importance of the heritage element in question, the state in which it is found and the risk that falls on it, considering not only its objective values ​​but, mainly, the subjective that the company grants, in accordance with the most current meaning of Heritage.

Its motivation is that knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage must be facilitated and open to society and not only limited to the field of scholars, technicians, politicians and other professionals in the field. For this reason, and despite being drawn up with the utmost rigor by specialists, the Red List should not be considered as an inventory or an academic work, but rather as “a call to civil society to know, sensitize and act on the elements assets at risk included therein ”.

The first Castilian-Manchego record on this list was the Iberian lynx as a heritage of nature and over time others of this type have been added, such as the Tagus river or the centennial taray of the Safont park in Toledo. But later, there are dozens of castles, convents, monasteries, churches, bridges and buildings of all kinds that reflect that Castilla-La Mancha in ruins, about to be erased from history.

We take a graphic tour of 30 of these elements:

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