Wednesday, May 18

Photographer surprises a spider that lived in the viewfinder of his camera | Digital Trends Spanish

A little over a year ago, photographer Joel Robison bought a Sony a7R III camera. The device was new, so at the beginning it did not present any faults. In fact, the Canadian professional comments that he used the equipment several times during the first seven months, especially on his trips to the United Kingdom and British Columbia.

However, a few days ago he began to notice that something was wrong, since the camera did not allow him to focus normally. Robison checked the status of all of the fixture’s accessories and even used the LCD screen to check focus. It was then that he realized that the viewfinder was blocked, as there was a small spider living inside it.

“At first I thought it was lint or dust from inside my camera bag, but then it moved and I turned my face away to see the spider spread its legs and crawl into the corner of the viewfinder behind the glass.” comments the photographer.

“And then he quickly stuck his paws into the corner of the viewer and I realized that he was inside the body itself. Today [15 de marzo] still alive. She was quite active during a photo shoot I was in yesterday,” she explained.

Robison thinks the spider may have been hiding inside one of the lenses he uses and got inside when he attached this accessory to the camera body.

Surprised by this situation, the professional contacted Sony, where they told him that he could send the camera to their repair center. For now, the photographer has decided to continue using the camera even with the spider inside. Aside from a slight blur when he tries to look through the viewfinder, the presence of the unusual resident doesn’t seem to bother him much, even taking it in a humorous way.

“I’ve joked that maybe this is the beginning of my story as a superhero,” he notes.

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