Monday, May 23

PHOTOS | Mariupol, before and after the bombings: the horror from a satellite view

The company Maxar Technologies has released new satellite photos showing the destruction caused by Russian bombing in Mariupol. This port city, located in the southeast of Ukraine, is being one of the hardest hit by the Russian offensive since the invasion began. The city, with some 450,000 inhabitants, lives under siege by the troops and in critical conditions without being able to successfully establish humanitarian corridors to evacuate its population. The Ukrainian authorities denounce that there are hundreds of deaths, while Russia continues to deny that they are bombing civilian targets.

PHOTOS | The attack on the Mariupol maternity hospital, in pictures

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The satellite images compare aerial photos from before the invasion with images taken after. Specifically, Maxar has released images of last January 21 and of the same places devastated by the bombs this past March 9. Blocks of flats, houses with swimming pools, stores, shopping centers appear totally destroyed by the missiles.

In these interactive photos you can see the before and after. Move your cursor over the photos to see the damage. If you’re browsing from your mobile, tap anywhere on the image to reveal the damage.

In this first comparison, the houses are totally destroyed. The city has been without electricity, heating and water for days after Russian bombing. More and more voices are warning of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in the city, where the Red Cross has described conditions as “apocalyptic”. The deputy mayor of the city Sergiy Orlov explained this Wednesday after the bombing of a maternity hospital that “the only way civilians can cook is on fires. People fight for firewood, but they are happy that it snows: that means they have something to drink.”

In the following photographs, you can see the damage caused by the bombs where there used to be a shopping center. In the image captured in January, the cars are seen in the parking lot. In March, everything has been destroyed.

This other comparison of the images captured by the satellite shows a totally devastated residential neighborhood. The parks appear charred. The City Council estimated on Wednesday night at 1,207 civilians who have died in Mariúpol.

The port has also been totally destroyed. This image shows the before and after of the shopping center that was in this area. You can see how the roof has been completely destroyed.

The American company is monitoring the evolution of the conflict from the air and, among other images, captured the Russian convoy heading towards Kiev.