Monday, August 8

Photos that disappear on WhatsApp could last up to months | Digital Trends Spanish

Just a few weeks ago, WhatsApp launched a feature that allows you to send photos or videos that disappear after a while. And now everything indicates that they are thinking of increasing the duration limit of those messages that self-destruct, up to a maximum of three months.

These one-time messages are currently active for 14 days; after expiration of that period, if the receiver did not open it then the message is deleted forever. However, and as reported WABetaInfo, in the trial versions of WhatsApp there is the option to allow these messages to remain in the chat for three months.

But in addition to the above, the site also reports that there will be a third option, which would reduce the duration of the messages to a maximum of 24 hours. Both options, appeared in different WhatsApp test versions, have not been released to the public yet, but are still under development.

These functionalities can be activated or deactivated at your discretion and you can choose to have the messages self-destruct in 24 hours, seven days or three months.

It is not clear or certain that these new options are effectively launched on WhatsApp for all audiences, but the fact that they are in beta versions is already an indication of what the company is up to.

On the other hand, there could be some questions regarding messages that disappear in three months, since in a certain way it takes away the sense of urgency of a message sent to be viewed only once and in a short period of time.

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