Tuesday, September 26

Pictoline comes to HBO Max with The Secret Life of Your Mind | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular cartoon and comic site, Pictolinewhich tells the daily news through interesting drawings on social networks, has just confirmed that it will have its own animated series in hbo max called “The Secret Life of Your Mind.”

At least this was confirmed by Jack Ades, General Manager of Digital Capital, an Aztec group that has the rights to Pictoline, in Mauricio Cabrera’s The Coffee podcast.

The series will be based on “The Secret Life of your Mind”, a book by neuroscientist Mariano Sigman.

In it, Sigman proposes to answer the common questions that human beings have about the functioning of their brain.

With that premise as a starting point, Pictoline will give life to Ceri, the main character of this series that will tentatively have 8 episodes lasting approximately 10 minutes.

«Pictoline already has the licenses for a series of publications to be able to transfer this scientific knowledge that is not so easy to consume to the mass public through productions for HBO Max or other streaming platforms. The Secret Life of your Mind It will be delivered to HBO Max during the first quarter of 2023, with a tentative release date to the public during the first half of next year,” says Mauricio Cabrera in his newsletter.

The inspiration for Pictoline was told by Raúl Pardo, content director and illustrator of this project, when he recalled how this project was born in Velvet magazine: “The idea arose because we realized that in this entire world of the internet there was an infinity of information that often goes nowhere.”

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