Wednesday, August 4

Pilar Alegría, new Minister of Education and Vocational Training

Pilar Alegría will be the new Minister of Education and Vocational Training in the remodeling of the Government that Pedro Sánchez has undertaken this Saturday. The current government delegate in Aragon replaces Isabel Celaá, who has been in that department since the arrival of the Socialists in Moncloa in June 2018. Alegría was Minister of Innovation, Research and University of the Aragonese Government between 2015 and 2019.

Sánchez removes Carmen Calvo and Iván Redondo from the cabinet and appoints Bolaños Minister of the Presidency

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With this decision, Sánchez gives entry into the cabinet to profiles with political weight whom he wants to reinforce for the future of the party. Alegría is one of the values ​​on the rise within the party. In fact, she has been the coordinator of the framework presentation of the 40th Congress of the PSOE on the part of education, universities, culture and sports. In Ferraz they do not see her with bad eyes to be the replacement of Javier Lambán in the Aragonese PSOE in the future.

Alegría was the socialist candidate for the Zaragoza City Council in the 2019 municipal elections, but a PP pact with Vox left her in the opposition despite her victory. Sánchez then decided to place her at the head of the Government Delegation.

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