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Pilar Alegría will not appear in the elections to the General Secretary of the PSOE Aragon and shows her support for Lambán

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, from Zaragoza, has stated that she will not stand in the elections for the general secretary of the PSOE Aragón and has shown her support for the current leader of the socialists in the community and regional president, Javier Lambán.

Lambán stops the possible temptations of Pilar Alegría to fight for the socialist leadership in Aragon

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In an interview this Monday, in the program ‘Good morning, Aragón’, by Aragón TV, Alegría has highlighted that it is “deeply and intensely” focused on the portfolio that it has been in charge of for less than two months, replacing Isabel Celaá. “My 24 hours of the seven days of the week are dedicated exclusively to the ministry”, has sentenced the Minister of Education.

At the moment, the current Secretary General, Javier Lambán is the only one who has communicated his willingness to present himself to direct the training in Aragon. The deadline for submitting candidatures begins this Monday, September 6, and ends on the next day 9.

In principle, the Minister of Education has also ruled out running for the 2023 regional elections, since in the PSOE, “the custom is that the general secretaries are then the candidates for the presidency,” he recalled, to continue evaluating the role of Lambán as leader of Aragon: “He has done a magnificent job in the worst moment that the country and the community have faced” and “he has been able to position it at such high levels”, that “that recognition must be given to Lambán and your government team “.

Along these lines, Alegría has expressed that loyalty, collaboration and cooperation “have to be the maxims of both governments – of Spain and of Aragon” -.

She also took the opportunity to express her gratitude for the words of support that the regional president addressed to her when she was appointed Minister of Education: “It gave me the opportunity to be part of her previous Government, where we carried out important projects, such as the Science Pact” and “I’m proud” of that.

Start of the school year

Alegría will meet Javier Lambán this Wednesday, September 8, at the opening of the 2021-2022 school year, in a ceremony that will take place at the new ‘Odón de Buen’ school, in Zuera (Zaragoza) and which will be chaired by Su Your Majesty Queen Letizia.

The Minister of Education and FP has acknowledged that she does not know if she will have time to meet with the Aragonese president, since the visit will be to the school center and she will have to return to Madrid, like Queen Letizia.

Alegría has underlined the importance of the opening of the school year being held in a rural school. “The fact that it is inaugurated in Zuera is good news and it will highlight something that is fundamental, rural education”, which has more than 70,000 students throughout Spain, and what demonstrates “that structure of the country”.

Finally, he mentioned the good reception that the ministry has had and the extensive expressions of affection it has received. However, he has acknowledged that he tries to travel most weekends to Zaragoza and La Zaida, his hometown.

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