Tuesday, December 6

Pilar del Río, Isaac Rosa, Olga Rodríguez and Javier Pérez Royo, among the members of the new Governing Committee of elDiario.es

The staff of elDiario.es has today approved, with 79% of votes in favor, the composition of the first Governing Committee of the newspaper. 6% have voted against and 15% have abstained. Participation has reached 82%. The creation of this body is foreseen in the new Statute of elDiario.es. The text of the Statute, whose approval is under way, makes elDiario.es the first newspaper that recognizes the community that supports it with rights that go beyond those of a reader or subscriber.

The Governing Committee plays a fundamental role in this process, a body that will supervise the elaboration of the Statute itself and ensure its compliance. Today we announce the first composition of the Steering Committee; a list approved by the workers of elDiario.es that must still be endorsed by the partners of the newspaper in a binding vote, which will be called in the coming days.

As provided for in the Statute itself –its draft can be consulted here–, the Governing Committee has three ex officio members. In this case they are Ignacio Escolar, as director; José Sanclemente, as president of the company; and Rosalía Lloret, as CEO of elDiario.es.

To these three members are added today the names of people of recognized prestige and journalists from elDiario.es. They are Pilar del Río, Isaac Rosa, Olga Rodríguez, Javier Pérez Royo, Neus Tomàs, Juanlu Sánchez and Natalia Chientaroli.

Pilar del Río is a journalist, translator and president of the José Saramago Foundation. Isaac Rosa is a novelist and columnist for elDiario.es. In 2022 he has won the Biblioteca Breve award for his novel Safe place. Olga Rodríguez is a journalist, researcher and writer. She is specialized in international information and is also co-founder of elDiario.es. Javier Pérez Royo is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Seville and author of Contracorriente, a blog for elDiario.es.

As for the journalists from the newsroom of elDiario.es, Neus Tomàs is deputy director and head of the Catalonia delegation; Juanlu Sánchez is co-founder and deputy director of the newspaper and Natalia Chientaroli is deputy director and head of the Society section.

As secretary of the Governing Committee, without the right to vote, the lawyer Begoña Pernas will act.

In addition to supervising the drafting of the Statute and ensuring its compliance, the Governing Committee will also resolve any doubts regarding its interpretation. The Governing Committee will meet regularly with the director to convey her concerns and opinions.

binding vote

The General Meeting will appoint this committee for a two-year term, which will have to be endorsed by a majority in a double binding vote: first, as happened today, by the workers of elDiario.es; then by the partners and associates.

This week, the members of elDiario.es have received a survey by email where they can assess each of the articles of the Statute and suggest changes or improvements. This Thursday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m., the director of elDiario.es, Ignacio Escolar, will answer questions from members about this new Statute. You can follow this meeting from here.

And if you are not yet a member, and you also want to participate, you can sign up here. And be part of something historic: the first citizen process to build a truly free and democratic newspaper.