Friday, December 3

Pinterest annoys Google Images searches so much that it has triggered the downloads of this extension to block its content in the results

Every time we do a search on Google Images, the percentage of results that come from the social network Pinterest is surprisingly high. A circumstance for which many users have expressed their annoyance in different forums, and you recently made the extension Unpinterested!, designed to block the content of that website in search engine results and available for Chrome and Firefox, has accumulated more than 30,000 downloads, according to data from the software developer.

The problem with Pinterest is that, despite being a huge repository of images, make it impossible to view full-size photos if you are not registered, and even complicates it for its own users if they access from Google Images. To this must be added its great positioning in the search engine, which makes a significant part of the first results come from the social network of the pins.

When we search for an image on Google and click on one of the Pinterest content, the link directs us to its website, where we A complete photo gallery will appear, not the snapshot that we had selected in the search engine, whether or not we are registered in the social network. And when we look again for the snapshot that had attracted our attention and click on it, if we are not registered, a large box will pop up that will invite us to create an account and will prevent us from seeing the content if we do not log in.

All these laps to finish, in some cases, without finally seeing the image we wanted, has bothered many users, and has motivated the enormous volume of Unpinterested! Downloads, whose function is very simple: never show Pinterest content in any search that we do in Google.

However, Unpinterested! It is not the only option we have if we want to avoid Pinterest results in our Google image searches. As pointed out by colleague Javier Lacort and Twitter, there is an even simpler option: add to the end of the keywords that we have written in the search box “-pinterest”. This solution also works for any browser.

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