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Pirate IPTV will have to pay 7 million dollars for copyright | Digital Trends Spanish

In the United States, the cable television operator Dish Network won a lawsuit against an IPTV service called Universe IPTV that will have to pay more than $ 7 million dollars, according to the ruling in a Texas court.

Dish claimed that Universe IPTV was illegally distributing content protected under the laws of copyright in United States; basically, it was a pirated service, for which users paid.

The problem for Dish Network is that, beyond winning the lawsuit, they likely won’t see any penny of the money.

The lawsuit was imposed in August 2020 against the five people behind Universe IPTV; however, it was only possible to find the names and whereabouts of three of them, who reside (or resided) in Germany, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, Dish sent cease-and-desist letters to the platform and the CDN services used to distribute the content. However, Universe IPTV always managed to change the domain, so the service always remained operational despite attempts by Dish Network.

Finally, in August 2021 the lawsuit review was carried out, even though the defendants never managed to be contacted or notified. The company tried all possible and official means in each country where these people were, without obtaining any response.

The southern district judge of the state of Texas, Sim Lake, determined that the three defendants are responsible for violating laws of copyright and therefore, they must pay $ 7,050,000 to Dish Network for damages. In addition, he added that the three defendants knew that the activity they carried out was illegal.

Even with the sentence passed and closed, experts on the matter believe that it is difficult for the accused to end up paying the fine.

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