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Pirated software can mine Bitcoin, says ABTA director in the Chamber of Deputies

According to one of the presenters at a seminar in the Chamber of Deputies, pirated software can mine Bitcoin.

The subject of Bitcoin ended up being talked about in a event on Combating cybercrime, through the Committee on Science and Technology, Communication and Information Technology of the Chamber of Deputies. This one took place last Thursday (18th), and was broadcast live throughout Brazil.

The seminar took place after a request from some federal deputies who would like to discuss digital security, which they believe are on the rise in Brazil, a vulnerable country today.

The guests were George Lodder (MPF Attorney), Regilene Siqueira (Adepol-DF), Dário Taciano (PC-DF), Diogo Rais (Digital Liberty Institute), Jonas Antunes Couto (ABTA), among others.

Pirate software can mine Bitcoin without people knowing, said ABTA’s chief legal officer

The Legal and Regulatory Director of the Brazilian Pay Television Association (ABTA), Jonas Antunes Couto was one of those who participated in the event at the Chamber of Deputies. The ABTA institution represents Claro, Sky, Vivo, Oi, Grupo Globo, Disney, Warner, among others.

This participation took place during table 1 of the event, which dealt with the themes of “Cybercrime overview in Brazil: main concepts and challenges“. Among the concerns are the fight against fake news, pedophilia, cyber attacks and piracy.

Jonas’ speech focused on Internet piracy crimes, whether in movies, series or games. According to him, piracy is advancing in leaps and bounds with the use of the internet, whether via websites, boxes (such as TV Box) and applications.

The legal director recalled that these TV Box equipment affect the privacy and security of Brazilians, and one of these boxes is capable of mining Bitcoin. In addition, these boxes may be able to attack websites of public entities, with an increasing risk in Brazil, according to Jonas.

“We already have reports with a proven technical report that one of these boxes is capable of mining Bitcoin”.

Jonas spoke for about 10 minutes, defending the expansion of the fight against piracy in Brazil, as one of the growing cyber crimes in the country, mainly affecting the property rights of companies that invest in Brazil.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is an essential activity for the functioning of digital currency, responsible for ensuring the security of the network and all its transactions. With mining equipment owners also receive a reward for working on the network when a transaction is validated by them.

Thus, the ABTA representative’s warning is that equipment is mining Bitcoin without the consent of their owners, since the practice of mining is not prohibited in Brazil and should not be criminalized.

Anyway, the subject gained repercussion at an important moment of a seminar of national scope, drawing the attention of the deputies present there to the subject.


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