Saturday, April 1

Pix robot, promoted by Popó on Instagram, is accused of coup | Bitcoin Portal

The four-time world boxing champion Acelino ‘Popó’ Freitas revealed on Thursday (03), at the Flow Podcast, to have returned the money he received to tag a business called ‘Robô do Pix’ on his Instagram. According to him, the regret came after he started to receive complaints from those who had purchased the product.

“When we’re going to research everything, who is it — because we’re new to this stuff — when we’re going to see the little robot thing,” Popó said.

He explained that three days before he had marked (@) the robot and soon began the complaints that the application either did not work or was not paying. He then said that he resolved to do the right thing.

“The culprit is whoever gave the information; so I’m the culprit, because the crowd went (bought) because I recommended it”, said the boxing legend who has 3 million followers on Instagram. A video of Popó promoting Robot Pix has been circulating on the internet for a few days.

After this episode, Popó said that he received two more proposals to tag similar products and that he would receive R$45,000 from one and R$55,000 from the other. He said that he refused after having a conversation with his son, who researched the Pix Robot and saw that it could be a ruse.

He concluded that doing the right thing would avoid losing “something better or bigger in the future” because of “these little robot shit”.

Popó gained millions of followers after fight with Whindersson

After his presentation fight with comedian Whindersson Nunes last Sunday (30), the boxer gained thousands of fans on his social media accounts.

according to UOL, before the fight took place, Popó had around 600 thousand followers on Instagram; Whindersson has 56 million.

Pix’s robot could be a scam

Advertisements for alleged robots that use the term ‘Pix’ as bait to promise extra income or participation in internet sweepstakes abounds. They may be nothing more than financial pyramid scams or simply not work as promised.

One of them, for example, is a product sold at Hotmart for around R$197 called Pix robot. Its video advertising says that people receive several exorbitant Pix’s every day automatically.

In the Reclame Aqui there is also various complaints from ‘Pix’s Robot‘, being the majority of people who regretted the purchase because the app didn’t work or didn’t deliver what was promised.

In one of the complaint threads on the consumer protection platform, ‘Comment Robot‘, the number of complaints is around 1,100. Another open session with the name of the product ‘Robô de Pix’ also has almost 100 complaints registered.