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Pixel Vault, the company working to bring NFTs to film and TV

Pixel Vault, home to popular NFT franchises PUNKS Comic Y MetaHero Universe, has raised $100 million to build the world’s first decentralized entertainment company. The funds raised in the capital round, participated by Velvet Sea Ventures and 01A, will be used to create the first multi-franchise NFT development platform. Artists, creators and collectors will be able to connect to create new decentralized communities and tell their stories through various media. Pixel Vault will support the development of NFT projects in video games, television and movies, among others. The objective of this company is to promote decentralization and crowdsourcing through the development of digital intellectual property.

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Pixel Vault, NFTs and Movies

Pixel Vault is a company that is committed to the collaboration of the native cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. Through its projects and initiatives, focused on narrative and collaborative history in various media, the company seeks to encourage the union of owners and nft collectors, as well as artists and creators.

GFunk, aka Sean Gearin, CEO of Pixel Vault, stated that the company’s goal is to empower artists and creators, through digital ownership enabled by Blockchain and NFTs. Pixel Vault wants to boost the value of digital assets in the long term, through tools based on the principles of Web3: community empowerment, decentralized governance and true digital ownership.

Velvet Sea partner Michael Lazerow joined Pixel Vault’s board of directors as part of the recent investment. Lazerow pointed out that Pixel Vault is building digital intellectual property as a product to empower its committed community of users. Pixel Vault investors Velvet Sea Ventures and 01A co-led Autograph’s funding round; an NFT market that raised $170 million in mid-January.

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PUNKS Comic, fractionally owned by NFT

One of the pioneer projects of Pixel Vault is PUNKS Comic, the first NFT comic to bring to life characters from NFT collections, such as the CryptoPunks. Pixel Vault enlisted the collaboration of several cryptopunk owners to create comics with these characters, which have been successful. At least, to date. PUNKS Comic was launched in May 2021 and, according to Opensea data, has generated a volume of more than 52.100 ethers (about 140 million dollars).

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PUNKS Comic has partnered with the company Fractional to enable fractional ownership of NFTs. In total, the 16 cryptopunks PUNKS Comic has can be divided into fungible ERC-20 tokens that maintain ownership over the NFT via a DAO. Creating a shared property by the community. The project has also teamed up with the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, to work with owners of these NFTs and release new collector’s editions. PUNKS Comic is about to release 8 collections of PUNKS Comic Issue #2 with limited alternate covers alongside BAYC.

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MetaHero Universe

In addition to PUNKS Comic, Pixel Vault also develops the decentralized metaverse MetaHero Universe, governed by thousands of users. MetaHero Universe is a decentralized gaming and social platform, home to the “MetaHero Identities” collection of generative NFTs. In MetaHero Universe, users can explore nine planets and one moon, accompanied by their favorite heroes or villains.

Governance is exercised by the user community through a DAO. Each planet within the MetaHero Universe has its own planetary DAO and planet token. The token offers the community the ability to collectively imagine, build and shape the future of the platform.

Bringing together heroes, villains, and native mutants from the MetaHero universe, the “MetaHero Identities” collection has spawned a volume of 12.300 ethers at the time of this edition. The minimum price for MetaHero Identities NFTs is 6.7 ethers (about $18,700 USD). Pixel Vault also released a 10,000 NFT collection called MintPass; each of these NFTs is redeemable for a hero or villain from the MetaHero Universe.

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More than 100,000 ethers in NFT volume

With its NFT collections, Pixel Vault has generated about 100,000 ETH in primary and secondary transactions (about $260 million), as explained in its statement. With these figures, the company becomes one of the most popular and successful NFT collectible projects, only behind Yuga Labs and Larva Labs.

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Despite being a project less than a year old, the innovation it develops has attracted the interest of thousands of users. On Discord, Pixel Vault registers a community of more than 43,000 people currently. On Twitter, his followers exceed 76,000 people. The unique mechanics that Pixel Vault develops, based on blockchain, decentralization, and game theory, are attracting those who want to build a strong ecosystem for NFT collections.

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