Thursday, September 16

Pizza without pineapple, this is how the astronauts of the ISS prefer it | Digital Trends Spanish

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have again shown one of their activities inside the spacecraft.

This time it is a pizza party in zero gravity, as revealed by the astronaut of the European Space Agency Thomas Pesquet on his Instagram account.

“Floating pizza party with friends, it almost feels like a Saturday night on Earth. They say that a good chef never reveals his secrets, but I made a video for you to be the judge, ”says Pesquet in the publication.

Now, pineapple pizza has been a perennial topic of controversy among foodies. For some people it is a genius, while for others it is a crime against the classic Italian version.

To anticipate possible criticism from those who watch the video from Earth, regarding the ingredients that were placed in the space pizzas, Pesquet wrote: “Everything except pineapple, that would be a serious crime in Italy.” Although it is not clear if the ISS has pineapples on board in the first place.

On Earth, preparing a pizza is not a very complicated process. But, as seen in the video, the astronauts had an extra difficulty having the pepperoni slices and pizza crusts floating in the air. At least the tomato sauce held everything together.

It is not known which oven the crew used for the pizzas, but in 2019 the station received one. The so-called Zero G Oven, built by NanoRacks and Zero G Kitchen, was used in January of this year to bake the first cookies in space.

On the other hand, this week the crew also celebrated NASA astronaut and current crew member Megan McArthur’s 50th birthday with a party full of food.

“My space brothers gave it their all: quesadillas and tortilla-pizzas with real cheese, cookie decorations and cake with chocolate ‘candles’. We have not unpacked the ice cream yet, so I suppose there will be a second party, “he wrote in Twitter this Monday.

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