Friday, September 24

Plácido Domingo joins Marta Sánchez in Marbella in her particular interpretation of the Spanish anthem

The staging of Plácido Domingo on the Marbella stages this Wednesday has been charged with patriotism. In a concert at the Starlite festival that did not sell out, Domingo recovered the version of the Spanish anthem with lyrics by Marta Sánchez to sing along with her.

Sánchez began to sing his particular version of the hymn alone and, a few verses later, the tenor appeared on stage to accompany her. “Great Spain, I thank God for being born here,” intoned the opera singer. The audience, including the former president of the Government, José María Aznar, gave the artists standing ovation for three minutes.

Marta Sánchez has once again interpreted her version of the Spanish anthem on stage, a composition that at the time received praise from various politicians, including that of the then Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. The artist interpreted those verses for the first time at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, in February 2018, with a performance that at that time also raised the audience:

“I am returning home, to my beloved land,

the one that saw a heart be born here.

Today I sing to you, to tell you how much pride there is in me,

that’s why I resisted.

My love grows every time I go

But don’t forget that I can’t live without you

Red, yellow, colors that shine in my heart

and I’m not asking for forgiveness. ”

Months later, the singer again used her lyrics during the presentation of ‘Spain citizen’, a platform launched by Ciudadanos to integrate different independent personalities with a view to the next electoral appointment. Shortly after his performance, the then president of the orange formation, Albert Rivera, thanked him for his participation. “Thank you for moving us by putting voice and lyrics in your way of feeling Spanish. A big hug!”.

Plácido Domingo, who was out of the stage for almost two years, after twenty women denounced him for sexual abuse, sang again in Madrid on July 9, at the National Auditorium, in a performance that was attended by the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “It is a pride to have him among us. One of the best tenors and one of the greatest ambassadors that Spain has had. It is a pride to have him in Spain,” Ayuso congratulated him at the time.

An investigation by the American Guild of Music Artists (AGMA), the opera union in the United States, found more than twenty people who said they were victims of harassment or inappropriate behavior by the tenor when he was in the direction of the Opera Washington National and Los Angeles National, as published by the Associated Press.

Despite this, in addition to the Madrid president, other political personalities, several Vox deputies, the ultra-Catholics of HazteOír or the newspaper ABC have come out in defense of the tenor on numerous occasions.