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PlayStation buys Bungie and anticipates more acquisitions | Digital Trends Spanish

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced the purchase of Bungie, the studio behind the video game Destiny. The operation was set at an amount of $3,600 million dollars.

It’s a statement, Jim Ryan, president and CEO of SIE, said that Bungie will remain as an independent studio, so future expansions of Bungie are not expected to destiny 2, as well as the new franchise that the studio is working on and which is expected to debut in 2025, are exclusive to PlayStation, so they will continue to be available on various platforms.

“We understand how critical the Bungie community is to the studio and we want to continue to support them as independents as they grow,” Ryan said.

Despite the millionaire purchase of Bungie, a studio that paradoxically made a name for itself with the iconic Xbox series Halo, Ryan said there will be other purchases. Also, in another irony, Bungie was part of Activision for several years, until the studio went independent citing creative differences.

According to journalist Christopher Dring, director of GamesIndustry (a publication specialized in video games as a business), Ryan said that there will be more acquisitions in the future.

In addition, he pointed out that the purchase of Bungie is not a reaction to the recent acquisition of Activison by Xbox, a transaction valued at $ 68,700 million dollars and that it still has to be approved by the United States regulatory authorities.

However, it is difficult not to interpret the purchase of Bungie as a reaction to the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, because although Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, confirmed that the series Call of Duty will continue on PlayStation, there is still speculation about the possible exclusivity of some games in the series.

For example, Microsoft could make the sequel to the Xbox exclusive. war zone, the Call of Duty free-to-play

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