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Pluto TV: Hispanic Heritage Month Special Programming | Digital Trends Spanish

Pluto TV Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with the Launch of Extensive Programming Specially Dedicated to Celebrating the Best of Latino Culture Through Its Category Pluto TV in Spanish. Among the content that the audience will be able to enjoy on the free platform is a list of soap operas, iconic series, Latin cinema classics, documentaries and comedies. In addition to the channel “Casos de la Dra Polo”, totally dedicated to the successful court programs “Couples Room” Y “Case closed”hosted by renowned Hispanic Television personality, Ana Maria Polo.

“With this special programming we want to celebrate the diversity of stories and voices that represent the Latino culture in the United States through a carefully selected content offer among the biggest television brands that includes soap operas, series and movies so that they can be enjoyed in one place. Said Peter Chavez, Programming Manager, Pluto TV in Spanish.


NOVELS: The world of soap operas is a fundamental part of our Latin culture and PlutoTV in Spanish offers its audience the possibility of choosing their favorite soap opera every week on its four channels: Badass Novels, Novels with Grandma, romance lovers Y Between us. During this month different soap operas will be selected to compete through interactive competitions on Pluto TV’s social networks and the winning soap opera on each channel will be broadcast through the channel for the rest of the month.

CASES OF DOCTOR POLO: For all those who have grown up enjoying the most beloved judge on Hispanic television, Pluto TV en Español brings you this month a channel entirely dedicated to the most successful court show in the United States, which will feature a compilation of episodes ranging from “Couples Room” to the iconic “Case Closed”.

SERIES: This month, the most attractive Latin series take over the programming of Pluto TV en Español through complete marathons of content, which include recognized hits that have captivated the audience such as: “Paquita la del Barrio”, “El Mariachi: The Series ”, “The Simulators”, “Paramedics”, “The Girl Who Cleans” (Arg), “Narcos: Mexico” and “Acapulco Shore”, among others.

DOCUMENTARIES, TRAVEL AND FOOD: Explore the diversity of our culture by visiting different places and getting to know countless stories, experiences and flavors with documentaries and shows that invite you to discover the most authentic Latin traditions on the following channels:

  • Traveler World: Backpacking” (Saturday and Sunday 8pm ET) -Grab your backpack and discover the most fascinating places in Latin America and Spain in “Crossing South”, “Secret Places”, “World Natural Heritage of Mexico”, “Latinos around the world”, “Spaniards in the world” and “ Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin”.
  • Geek World: “Somos Diversos” (Monday through Friday at 10PM ET – Saturday and Sunday at 10AM ET beginning September 17 through October 15) Learn about the history behind great events and personalities with a series of documentaries on music, artists, sports and culture that present us with the most authentic aspects of our roots.

CINEMA: The best Latino movies will also be present during the great Hispanic Month celebration on Pluto TV in Spanish. Viewers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of content, ranging from the classics of Cine de Oro to current stories from all genres such as drama, romance, action, horror and comedy. The following channels will present special programming:

  • Seventh Art: “Movie Greats” (Sundays 8pm ET) A selection of the hits of the most outstanding Latino actors and directors of the moment, such as Gael Garcia Bernal, Javier Bardem, Camila Sodi, Damian Bichir and Martha Higareda among others.
  • Movies and Pop Corn: “Spanish is spoken in this house” (Every day at 8PM ET) the perfect opportunity to gather the whole family and enjoy a movie entirely in Spanish.
  • XOXO Cinema: “On Fridays I fall in love in Spanish” (Friday 10PM ET) – During Hispanic Heritage month everyone can fall in love with this channel that will present only romantic movies in Spanish, on Friday nights.
  • Cinema Haha: “Tuesday neither get married, nor embark” (Tuesday 8PM ET) Tuesdays will be for fun with the best Mexican Golden Cinema classics on this channel, which features films by Tin Tan, Hernán Capulina, Antonio Aguilar, Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar.

CHILDREN PROGRAMMING: Children will also be able to enjoy special programming through Nick Jr in Spanish and Nick in Spanish. The series “Dora the Explorer”, “The Casagrandes”, “Dora and her Friends” and “Go Diego Go!, will have special blocks in prime time. The channels will also premiere “Santiago of the Seas” and “Garden Academy.”

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