Friday, September 24

Podem postpones the replacement of Martínez Dalmau amid the discomfort of his partners of the Pacte del Botànic

If there is one thing the left is good at, in the broadest sense of the word, it is internal wars. The tradition is long-lived and rich in anecdotes and purges. The internal battles demoralize their electorate, give ammunition to the press and usually end badly or very badly.

The beginning of the political course has been clouded by the announced departure of Vice President Rubén Martínez Dalmau from the Valencian Executive due to strong internal disagreements with the current leadership of Podem, exercised with an iron hand by parliamentary spokesperson Pilar Lima. Without eating or drinking it, President Ximo Puig has encountered a loss that neither wishes nor suits him, given the good relationship he had with Martínez Dalmau in contrast to the sounded tug of war he has maintained with Vice President Mónica Oltra, from You compromise.

Thus, the Executive of Podem, controlled by the Pilar Lima sector, has left on the air this Monday the appointment of Professor Héctor Illueca as head of the Housing department. Without a subsequent appearance and with a brief statement, Podem postpones the umpteenth replacement with the added discomfort of his partners of the Pacte del Botànic and, singularly, of the socialist Ximo Puig, according to sources from the regional Executive.

With an unusual celebration of the pandemic Fallas, the celebration of October 9 just around the corner and the horizon of the management of European funds for economic recovery, the Valencian Government faces an unexpected drop that had been cooking for months. The relationship between the president and Rubén Martínez Dalmau has been good and Puig has seen with some horror the internal uproar of his purple partners.

Martínez Dalmau already announced to Puig at the beginning of the summer that he was seriously considering throwing in the towel. The straw that broke the camel’s back, according to several sources consulted, has been the dispute with Lima for the position of the regional secretary of Justice (which, due to the distribution of positions between the three Botànic formations, corresponded to Podem).

Martínez Dalmau met with his team last Friday to announce his intention to leave the vice presidency and also spoke by phone with various positions from Podem. In the afternoon, the bombshell news broke, without turning back despite the fact that some sources from the purple party maintain that the initial intention of the vice president was to pressure Pilar Lima to loosen up. The gazillions of Telegram groups using Podem’s disparate and countless streams were fuming.

All the pools suggest that the replacement for Martínez Dalmau will be Héctor Illueca (València, 1975), professor at the University of Valencia, current director of the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate and fought in the internal wars of the party. However, the Executive of Podem controlled by Lima has held a meeting without a subsequent appearance and has aired the replacement of Martínez Dalmau with a brief statement.

“The leadership of the purple party is in permanent contact and coordination with Rubén Martínez Dalmau and his cabinet so that government action is not affected,” the statement reads. In addition to the rigorous praise for the housing policies piloted by Martínez Dalmau, the formation thanked the PSPV-PSOE and Compromís “for the words of support and respect for the second vice president and Podem.”

“Lamentable spectacle” is an expression that several leaders of the Pacto del Botànic have used these days. “Pilar is very distrustful, she has no organization, no leadership or deputies to give her support,” says a source from the sector to the left of the PSPV-PSOE and Compromís.

Lima’s sparse and orthodox style has been a constant that has meant that it remains in the minority in the parliamentary group, in which only deputy Cristina Cabedo supports him. On the contrary, the parliamentarians Naiara Davo, purged at the time by the Pabloism, Ferran Martínez, Beatriz Gascó and Irene Gómez make up an opposition bloc that, paradoxically, is the majority.

Councilor Rosa Pérez Garijo, from Esquerra Unida, the other formation that is part of Unides Podem, lamented “the noise that is generated and that partially covers the management and work that the coalition contributes to the government of the Pacte del Botànic.” EUPV, which is also part of the parliamentary group led by Pilar Lima, does not hide its dissatisfaction with a replacement in which it has not painted anything.

At the moment, the monitoring commission of the Pacte del Botànic is neither there nor is it expected.

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