Monday, September 27

Podemos proposes that the Navarrese city councils “declare themselves insubordinate” and stop paying the electricity bill

Podemos Ahal Dugu has proposed that the municipalities of Navarra “declare themselves insubordinate and stop paying the electricity bill until prices drop, following in the wake of Víctor Manuel López, mayor of Batres.” This training is part of the Provincial Government together with the PSN and Geroa Bai (Socialverdes and PNV).

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“It cannot be that given the speculative rise in electricity prices there are local entities that are considering making cuts in personnel and services in order to pay these bills,” criticized the parliamentarian of the formation and former president of Parliament Ainhoa ​​Aznárez, who has asked public entities to “prioritize their public services in the face of the expropriation effort of the electricity oligopoly and refuse to pay before making budget cuts,” reports Europa Press.

As explained in a note, Podemos is preparing different initiatives at the local level, “knowing that the law prohibits the power cut for non-payment to public entities”, and will ask the Government of Navarra about the types of contracts and expenses it has acquired with this type of company. “We have to fight at all possible levels to be able to cut electricity prices,” Aznárez said. “From local actions to immediate proposals such as limiting, via Royal Decree, the price of nuclear and hydroelectric energy or the creation of a public energy company, in the long term,” he stated.

In addition, the purple formation has demanded that the PSOE “comply with the government agreement signed by both formations, which includes the drop in the electricity bill, making the necessary regulatory changes to end the overpayment.” Aznárez has criticized that “both PSOE and PP privatized and liberalized this sector.” “They assured that it would benefit consumers when the bills are leaving thousands of families with water up to their necks, while the electricity companies do not stop receiving benefits and have become the shameful golden retreat for militants of these two formations”, has censored.

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