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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet double your speed for a miss | Digital Trends Spanish

Scarlet Pokemon Y purplea They are among the most flawed video game releases of 2022 due to issues with constant pop-in, camera clipping, multiplayer, Koraidon stuck in a handstand, and more. Now, players have found a glitch that allows the player character to walk much faster than intended.

If you’re not riding or running on the back of Koraidon, walk onScarlet PokemonYVioletit’s pretty slow. However the Reddit user hamsterhead64 discovered a rare glitch that will speed up player exploration. Simply connecting a second controller to the Nintendo Switch while playingPokemon Scarleteitherpurpleand aiming both left control sticks at an angle will cause the player character to move faster in that direction. You can see this flaw in action in the video below, which was reposted on Twitter by @Munosnail.

Apparently in the new pokemon, if you plug in two controllers at once you can run twice as fast. Like you hold both joysticks and it just… adds the speed

these devs had NO TIME lmao

— Muno (@munosnail) November 20, 2022

Independently verified by GameXplain and the team at Digital Trends, this glitch is an easy way to get a noticeable speed boost in open-world Pokémon games, at least until Game Freak fixes it. This method does not work while riding Koraidon or Miraidon.

Pokemon’s transition to a more open world format hasn’t been the smoothest. Pokemon Legends: Arceus it also had its own transverse failure. In that game, players could climb steep inclines by quickly aiming and canceling a Pokéball toss. The limits of the Nintendo Switch and Game Freak’s game engine are starting to show clearly in the latest Pokemon games, but this is likely something that will eventually be fixed in a post-launch patch.

Scarlet Pokemon Y Violet are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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