Tuesday, February 20

Pokémon shone in the sky of Japan with drone show | Digital Trends Spanish

A spectacular drone show took place in the Japanese city of Hokkaido on July 24, and where characters from the pokemon saga.

More than 700 drones did the projection work at the first Otaru Ushio Matsuri festival, which has been held since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

In the event, the same technology and show that was made for the Tokyo Olympics were also tested again.

These drones with lights of different colors and to the rhythm of some of the best-known Pokémon songsis that they formed different Pokémon in the air.

The video was uploaded to the Pokémon GO YouTube account in Japan.

The attendees were able to observe the pokeballs in the skies, even the classic Pikachú, going through the entire gallery of monsters from the Niantic game. All thanks to the magic produced by drones.

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