Sunday, September 19

Poland rejects the decision of the European Court of Human Rights

Correspondent in Berlin



Poland is willing to continue sending humanitarian aid packages to refugees on Belarusian soil, packages that have so far been rejected by the Minsk authorities, but will not serve refugees trapped at the border, as demanded by the European Court of Human Rights. The Polish Prime Minister, Marusz Morawiecki, He explained that “in the first place, we are obliged to take care of our border (…) so that illegal immigrants cannot enter the territory of the European Union.” This is a group of about 80 people, a small part of the thousands who arrive from Pakistan by plane to Minsk and from there are led by Belarusians to the border with Poland. In the case of this group, they were intercepted before entering, but the Belarusian soldiers do not allow them to go back, which is why they have been blocked for about two weeks. The European Court of Human Rights yesterday demanded the Polish Government and also the Government of Latvia to provide “all asylum seekers with food, water, clothing, appropriate medical care and if possible temporary shelters”, but Warsaw understands that providing such assistance would be to give in to what Morawiecki has described as a “Hybrid war” declared by Lukashenko.

Immigrants who through la ONG Salvation (Relief) attended the European Court of Human Rights are a group of 32 Afghans and 41 Iraqi Kurds. Especially serious is the case of a 52-year-old woman who, according to Ocaleine spokeswoman Kalina Czarnog, “needs urgent medical attention and we fear for her life.” According to the foundation, the woman suffers from respiratory and kidney problems. His image travels the social networks turned into the face of a migratory phenomenon for which the EU has no answer. Thousands of immigrants have crossed the border from Belarus into European countries in recent months, in what Europe sees as a retaliation from the Minks government for the sanctions imposed by the bloc.

The heads of government of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania They have jointly denounced that it is a migration flow “planned and systematically organized” by the Belarusian government and are working hard to raise border fences to contain it, while the border has become a media showcase in which activists, who They cannot reach the refugees trapped between the two armies, they communicate with them through megaphones and through banners. “The weather is getting rainier and colder every day, we call on the government to take decisions at the highest level to save these people,” insists Czarnog. But Warsaw repeats for its part that these people are in Belarusian territory and that the Minsk government is solely responsible for the situation.

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